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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Another glorious day in FL. We'll be off to KW in a few hours and hope it's not to hot for my honey there. He minds the heat so much more than I do.

Dominick (yes the grandson for those who don't know) stayed with us last night so he and PopPop could go to Denny's at the crack of dawn. It's their thing now and today is his real BDay. Wish we could stay and take him to his favorite restaurant, Tin Fish, but I have to get back and get labs and Dr appointments and hopefully start my Tarceva.

Got lots to do stowing for the trip so gotta go. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Port St Lucie

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 66 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 80. It may be one of those rare days when I have a tailwind for my ride both directions as we have a front coming in this afternoon that's supposed to change the wind to the north.

I rode 50 miles from home Saturday morning. When Rose got home from work, she and her sister drove to Midland to visit their mother. So it's just been the dogs and I at home since. She's supposed to be home tonight.

I went crappie fishing on Sunday, and brought home some really nice ones again. It's surprising how much bigger they seem to average in the fall.

Have a great day, all!

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Seems to be a nice day here, should get out and embrace the day before it slips past.

Judy, I forgot to mention it, but it really is good your half of our brain is clear, since mine is just fried! Beware that you may be working with less than full brain power at any given time and don't trust food temperature or your sense of direction....lol

Moved some furniture yesterday and went up a flight of stairs over a dozen times. Still can't handle stairs worth a darn, probably never will have that particular skill down. One flight, one time, is fine, but anything more and I just can't breathe...

Very full week ahead, better get myself in order and write a few lists so I don't forget anything.

Happy Monday to everyone!

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Oh just another crappy sunny, cloudless day with gentle breezes, and 70 degrees. LOL! It's gorgeous! This has been the best Fall ever!

Enjoying the Word Game. We should do more fun stuff like that. I enjoy that kind of thing a lot.

I'm church getting the administration stuff done, then heading out to go color touring. Just have to have the windows down, and smell the Fall smells and see the brilliant colors.

Have a good day.

MI Judy

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I have to agree with Judy on our weather today. Although our temperature is supposed to reach 85 today, that's still easier to tolerate than the high 90's that we've been having. So....bring on more days like today....weather that is.

Judy, it sounds like you had some great quality time with your family! That's always a good thing! Hope Dominick had a wonderful birthday. Lucky guy to have such nice grandparents!

Bud...I need to find time to go fishing. There is nothing more relaxing than a few hours of fishing. Here I am, living in Florida, and never seem to make time for special things like fishing. I know all too well how life goes by and if we don't take advantage of opportunities we may miss out. Dennis was the one that always made sure there was time for the fun part of life and would take time from hard work to make fun happen.

Joppette...glad you like the word games. Now that I'm back in the swing of things a bit more, I'll have to post more games.

Katie...you never cease to amaze me!!! Now, you're running contests!!! where in the world do you get that energy of yours? If I could buy some of your energy in a bottle, I would order a few cases right this minute!

Our Sock Hop went well on Saturday night. Everyone had a great time and we were able to raise money for our local Teen Court Program. I have to admit that I was dog tired when I went to bed on Friday night. I left work on Friday and immediately joined a couple of friends to begin decorating our hall. After being on a ladder and stretching to staple a border around the room, I have to admit that parts of my body were hurting that had never hurt before. But...I'm feeling better today and will have some time to rest up before getting ready for our Christmas craft show next month.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day...even if it is Monday. Hey...I can still be optimistic....WOW!!!


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