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Wednesdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Still on holiday and relishing every minute,our weather is really strange this week each morning it starts gloomy and overcast then by lunch time skies clear and wow another brilliant clear sunny day.Its overcast just now,but...

Great day yesterday,bought more bags of compost for my raised planters,my car can only carry six at a time so I think another run today should be enough.Good news to share,I started to play indoor bowls as part of a four man team about this time last year,and the good news is we actually won our first game 12-6 hooray we are no longer at the bottom of the league,theres one now one team below us,this could be the start of something big,hold on to your hats folks.

Sallys girning in my ears just now about wanting to get into work NOW,she wants to blether with her pals and a cup of tea before she starts work,sorry gang got to go,if I dont, this laptops going out the window.Post later

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Good morning, everyone! It was 56 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 80.

So we'll soon be hearing about Eric, the professional bowler? That sounded like one serious breakfast you had yesterday. On the rare occasions that I get up on a Sunday and don't go anywhere, Rose will cook a big breakfast. The rest of the time, it's just oatmeal, with honey, raisins, cinnamon, and rice milk.

KW Judy, I'm sure you really don't like things piling up on you, but just pace yourself. It will get done soon enough.

MI Judy, I hope you slept well last night and are feeling better today.

Have a great day, all!

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Afternoon All! Rain again this am but it's broken out into a beautiful sunshiny day now.

Out to the lab in town this am for a TSH test. I get really angry at the inefficiency in business today. The lab is in the same building as my PCP so I asked someone from his office if they received my MDA lab fax yesterday. She had to ask someone else who then had to call me up to the counter to write it all down. They'll let me know later. I reminded her my appt with the doc is 9:45 tomorrow. I asked because they told me the last time they got a fax and then lost it! My doc is great, as is my husband's doc but there office are awful.

Eric, you crack me up. Your poor wife. You do know that some of us ladies feel sorry for her lol. I am very jealous of the raised garden. A friend had them and I always wanted them. We missed that train now. Besides, growning in KW is very tricky and we just travel too much.

I was thinking when I got home today Bud, how good I've gotten at just sitting down when I need to. No running around trying to get everything done in record time. I used to do that because I didn't want all that stuff hanging over my head before I started seeing clients again. See, not clients,, no rushing around lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

Yeah, I am back,great having more time to myself,no marking or preparation to do.Its nearly 8pm,dark outside,what time does it get dark where you live?today remained overcast but dry.

Met up with my bowling team to-day(I am the only one who is not retired)after dropping off Sally at Asda.By jings oor dander is up after our win last night,we put in two hours practice bowling up and down the rink,the opposition better watch out Tuesday next.Oh I dropped out the Thursday Bowling night temporarily,the Baptist Church have started a Christianity Explored Class for ten evenings,and since they have been so supportive of me I signed up,unaware it was bowling night.Anyway we meet in the church hall for a meal prepared for us by the ladies at 7.00pm then into the church for a DVD then break into discussion groups,I am really going down like a lead balloon,I reflected to the group that I thought Adam and Eve and Noahs Ark were really just allegories,also mentioned the big bang,I didnt mean to be controversial,I have serious opinions to air,and its supposed to be about exploring christianity isnt it?Well I was confronted on all sides,with why is it then Eric you have one less rib than us women?another lady came up with another cracker,If I threw a bomb into a scrap metal merchants yard whats the chances of finding in the mist of the clearing smoke a perfect Lotus car?this is in response to a random big bang event.One lady said everything in the bible is absolutely true,I decided not to ask how Noah managed to get two of every animal on the Planet into the Ark when theyve still not yet all been discovered.Oh boy this is going to be more difficult to make progress than I imagined.Another thing youve got to stay away from mentioning the Dinosaurs and early man.

Hi Bud, Just oatmeal,honey,raisins and cinnamon,that sounds great to me,I have my porrodge with salt and milk,anyway what is rice milk,never heard of that before?

Hi Judy,yup last six bags of compost did the trick,I also put in a ring circuit for lights when I designed my raised planters,for sitting outside in the evenings,put them on to-night they look great,still to figure out what plants to put in yet,that can wait until the spring,did plant to-day a couple of hundred bulbs out front, mixed lot, mainly tulips and hyacinths.

Didnt understand all your test abbrievations,did get the feel of your frustrations though,really hoping things are going to take a turn for the better for you now.Look after yourself.

Booked my tickets today for the black tie Winter Ball in November something to look forward to.Goodnight everyone enjoy the rest of your day

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Eric, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at that Explored class. Bet they weren't figuring on the likes of you lol. For sure you will keep the meetings lively.

Oh the TSH is a simple blood draw to see if my thyroid prescription is sufficient to keep it working efficiently.

News for all on the Tarceva front. Prescription solutions made an electronic call telling me my script had been preapproved. I called and asked what the co-pay would be and it was over $4,600 dollars. What a joke--not. They said they didn't have the script yet so I called MDA. They said the patient advocate is still working on it and that she has a number of avenues. Thank goodness. They suggested they may loan me pills for three days. Think I'd rather wait til I know I'm going to get it before starting.

Did not get much paperwork accomplished today and I have an appmt with my PCP tomorrow morning. It was probably be another nonproductive day. Oh well.

Judy in KW

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Well, I'm very late in the day posting, as today has been very hectic and that's putting it mildly. I used to think that Friday the 13th was something to look out for but now I think it must be any day of the week that the 13th falls on.

Judy...my blood starts boiling when I hear some of these prices that the drug companies want for medications. How in the world can they possibly think that the average American can afford this? I'm saying prayers that it all gets worked out for you!

Our weather was in the mid 80's today but it's supposed to cool down a little and stay cooler through the weekend. I think I'm going to spend the weekend dragging some Halloween decorations out of the attic. All of this decorating gets to be more of a pain every year. Although I love the holidays, I can tell you that I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year. I think I'll just remember the date and what it really means and cut back on a lot of the other. As long as my grandbabies have a great Christmas, Nana is happy.

So, here is is 6:26 and I'm finally getting ready to pack up and leave the office. I so need to win the lottery! I would quit work but there are so many good things I could do with the $$$....like buy meds for my Judy friend!!!


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Okay - here it is. Some prescription plans pay for Tarceva and have no annual cap on the coverage. Copays are in the $25-$100 per month range. That's probably doable for people with an income and great insurance.

Some health care policies cover drugs up to $3,000 a year, with copays. Well, that would cover less than one-month. If this is your situation, and your annual income is under $100,000 per year, call Genetech's Access to Care Foundation immediately. They can mail you the drug monthly at no cost. My health care provider hemmed and hawed that they didn't know how to do this (including the oncology social worker.) The folks at Genetech have it down and will hound your doc's office for you and make it easy.1-888-249-4918. (Tarceva Access Solutions).

This is not their copay assistance program - that is much more limited - intended for those who can't come up with $100-$300 a month if required by their Rx plan. Or have a medicare donut hole around $4,000 to fill.

Now I have to go finish making dinner.

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Thanks Stephanie. I feel better waiting now. This has taken so long because my onc was not in last Fri and two key people were on vacation. Nothing got started until Monday. I was in a drug replacement program when I was on Avastin. I think Genetech makes that as well. When I called the MDA pharmacy, he said Marie (my rep) was working on it and has many avenues to explore. I figured this was one but wonder why she hasn't asked for my 2009 tax form yet. Think I'll get it out and be prepared.

Judy in KW

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