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Thursdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Wakey,Wakey,time for another visit by the holidaying me,wont be this next week will it?Weather boringly Ditto today,Sally has gone off in a taxi to do a big shop at Asda,(she gets a 10% staff discount)our cupboard was getting a bit bare.This leaves me free with my laptop,Hooray.Now what vaccous rubbish can I post today?

Oh today is a very special one the 14th of October,did think about organising a meal and invite all my relatives and friends round in memory of a tradition upheld by Samuel Pepys each year after his "Cutting of the stone"you should his account,I guarrantee it will make your eyes water.It is two years ago today since my dx,does survivorship start on dx or after youve finished your treatments?

I share this date with my favourite singer,a guy you probably dont even know,Cliff Richard is 70 today,happy birthday Cliff.Been a fan of Cliff and the Shadows since I seen him perform Move it and Living Doll on TV from the London Palladeum in I think 1958,my older brother was an Elvis fan,so we used to have many arguements about who was best.By co-incidence yesterday when I was booking my Roy Castle tickets for the Winters Ball,I got talking to Genine? in her Liverpool booking office,she told me she and the office girls had sent off a birthday card to Sir Cliff (yes he got knighted)turns out Cliff is a sponsor of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and he attends many of their functions,gosh imagine if he had turned up at Manchester at my presentation?maybe he will come to the Winter Ball.Genine says she has his home address and is in regular touch with him,I have still have the wee 9 year boy inside me that would just love to meet him face to face,its on my bucket list,maybe now it may be possible?

Hi Judy,sorry if you have Republican tendancies a fan of Sarah Palin and the tea-set brigade,maybe better you dont read on.I just love America and its citizens,you are so open and friendly,America has gone to the aid of many countries without reward who were in difficulties at times including the UK we owe you a lot.What I cannot understand is the apparent lack of support for its own citizens in difficulties when ill or unemployed.Doctors were supported by taxpayers thoughout their lives right through to graduation,healthcare should be a godgiven right to everyone on the planet,without being intruded upon by businesses making a profit out of someones illness.Your fight to get access to drugs you need, using meadiators would be funny if it werent so serious.I know I am Scottish,and there may some who would say I am wrong in my views,a shouldnt really be airing them here,my apologies,but I do hope whatever Presidents plans are for health care reforms get passed and can extend its provision to every citizen in America regardless of race,social class, employed or unemployed.Best of luck Judy,in your fight for your drugs without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the day everyone,see you later.

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Morning All! Lost my post checking for spelling lol. It's 7 am and raining again. It is our rainy season and we always need rain in FL. But it does make it hard to wake up if you're on of those not morning people. Especially when it's still dark at 7am.

Stan says it gets dark around 7 pm Eric. Daylight savings will kick in for many of us in the US soon. Hate it especially when it's eventually getting dark around 5 pm.

Hi Judy,sorry if you have Republican tendancies a fan of Sarah Palin and the tea-set brigade,maybe better you dont read on.
Eric, you surely must be talking to another Judy lol. If Sarah Palin ever becomes president, I'll move to Canada or maybe Scotland huh! lol

I'm waiting for the "process" to play out for the Tarceva. The MDA pharmacy said the patient rep has lots of options to get me the drug. My guess it will be the drug replacement program where I get the drug and the pharmaceutical company returns in kind to the hospital, no charge. Here's hoping anyway.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning all. Yeah, Eric, you must be talking about a different Judy too. Though I'm classified as a moderate Republican, if Palin would get elected (which is absolutely impossible in my book), I'm moving with the other Judy. That would be a disaster.

It's crispy cold here, but the sun is shining. Drove to U of M in pouring rain yesterday, so it was especially lovely when the sun peeked out about 30 minutes from home, and we got to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves in the sun. Lovely.

I will do a separate post on my U of M experience.

Hope you all have a great day. I'm off later to learn to be web master of another web site for another business my husband has started. It will be fun! Then off to Gilda's Club for my usual Thursday stint!

MI Judy

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 48 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 77.

Actually, KW Judy, Daylight Savings Time is about to end, and yes, it will start getting dark very early.

Eric, you're not the first to find an argument on all sides after bringing up too much science in a church group. I've made that mistake, too. I agree with you on health care. Doing it as a private business so long after all the other industrialized countries instituted public health care doesn't make sense to me, but I can tell you that a lot of people here don't agree with me.

As to the rice milk question, I don't know about your dairy industry there, but studies have shown pretty convincingly that too much American dairy product comsumption brings health concerns. One striking statistic is that men who eat lots of American dairy products are 5 times more likely to get prostate cancer. I still probably consume more dairy products than I should, but Rose and I have cut down on them. Two years ago, we stopped buying milk completely and switched to Rice Dream.

Have a great day, all!

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Add me on to the list of people that will be packing up and leaving the country if Sarah Palin ever makes it to the White House. In my book, she doesn't even qualify as a politician....much less someone who should be leading our country. Of course, this is only my opinion, so please...no political warfare here on the MB.

It's an overcast day here on Florida's Space Coast. The rain that KW Judy is getting today should be moving up our way by the weekend. It's a bummer when it rains on the weekend but I can live with the rain, as long as I have the weekend!!!

Tonight, I'm going to attend a forum for our local city council candidates. We have had some really crazy things going on in our little town this year and I'm really hoping that voters will turn out next month and help to make some changes in our local government. Funny, but the thing that has brought on the most controversy here has been changes in our garbage service. Waste Management has always billed us directly, on a quarterly basis. They have picked up our garbage twice a week and our recyclables and yard waste once a week. Well, for some reason, our city decided to get involved in the process. They just renewed their contract with WM for a 10 year period and wouldn't allow any other companies to bid. Now, the city is billing us monthly for our garbage pick up. The cost will be about 40 cents cheaper per month BUT our garbage will only be picked up one day a week. The city purchased ...at a cost of over 3 million dollars, huge wheeled garbage cans for every home. One can is for garbage and one for recyclables. So, we're cut to 1/2 the service and only saving 40 cents a month??? WM is in a contract with the city for 10 years, so their rates won't raise BUT the city can raise our rates, since they are doing the billing. Crazy????

Sorry for writing so much about my garbage issues. Tomorrow, I'll tell you more problems....lol!

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Hi All,

Its me again, bet you are all saying,I ll be glad when Eric goes back to work again next week,to get a little bit of peace and quiet,sorry about the grammer and spelling errors in my earlier post,I usually do a wee preview check and make any corrections necessary,but fool that I am, I pressed the submit button instead of preview.

Thanks Judy your daylight hours pretty much match with mine,We change next week from British Summer Time to Greenwich Meantime,by moving our clocks back one hour.I am a bit relieved to read Sarah Palin isnt as popular here as the UK press indicates for The USA,if she does make President ,remember the fifties and early sixties nuclear war scares,Cuba an all? well I am for looking out my garden spade and digging a nuclear bomb shelter in my back garden,having read some articles on her political views.

Judy MI,havent read much from you in a wee while,hope you are well,whats U of M? bet the Ms for Michigan,right?

Bud your reflections on dairy products remind me of my Cancer Research UK visit to Stirling Uni,one of the delegates I made friends with,(He had advanced prostrate cancer,but has been a survivor for many years)warned me off all dairy products,he believes that the hormones that are given to cattle to improve milk yeilds,cause prostrate cancer in men,he was so forceful with his opinion,I thought he was a bit "eccentric".He told me to get into soya product substitutes,milk for example as an excellent alternative.Maybe I should take this a bit more seriously after all?I tried to contact your Rice Dream link by email to find out if they have their products in the UK(we have many American products in our shops now in the food and drink areas I particularly like the products of Ernest and Julio Gallo)but when I press the submit button it refuses to accept it until I append my State in the box,arent machines dumb sometimes?

Ann, since I am talking rubbish just now your comments are very topical,our council provide us with three plastic wheelie bins,one for general household waste one for recycling materials and one for garden waste,each bin is picked up on a fortnightly alternative rotation.Works well although they refuse to take any glass items I have to go to the tip myself and feed them into the respective coloured glass recycling bins.

Just about to leave for "Christianity Explored" meeting,I am leaving my boxing gloves behind to-night and keeping my big yap shut tight-promise,no controverstity at all.(unless someone says something provocative of course.

I will let you know later,have a good day.

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So if Sarah Palin becomes President, I can expect the Keg Bus to be heading north ? LOL Stop by the farm for a visit.

Getting dark earlier here as well and the temperatures are hovering near the freezing point in the mornings. A little too cool when I still have lots of work to do around here before the snow flies. Lost a couple weeks when I had my little mishap. Not sure if I mentioned it on here but I bought a horse and got bucked off the first time I got on. The owner's told me she didn't buck even though they were selling her because the lady had gotten thrown off as well. Well I broke my back in 4 places, L1 to L4, and did some muscle damage. Just starting to get around now. I later found out that the horse had been treated very badly by a previous owner. Even 1 jawbone feels like it was broken and healed wrong. So I kept her and now she gets special treatment. LOL I also got another horse and 7 Llama's this past weekend. The farm is beginning to feel like a farm. LOL

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Wow Bruce!!!!! I wondered where you were. I knew you sometimes went somewhere where there was no internet, so assumed you were there. I hope you are mending well. Nice that you kept her and are giving her lots of love and attention.

Eric, loved your update! No Palin here. I doubt she will even get the opportunity to run.

Judy in MI

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Hi Bruce,

Gosh you have been in the wars havent you,really sorry to hear of your accident with your horse,thank goodness,things have turned out reasonably OK,this could have been much worse.Imagine you buying Llamas,this really sounds like fun,I wish you well in your new venture,love to visit you in the keg bus.

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Don't worry Some day a white man will be elected president!!! LOL!!!! :lol::lol::lol: just not sure which one! we need a hero.. Where is Bill Clinton!!???

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