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some news on my father


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my fathers follow up x-ray was in-conclusive so today they did a cat scan. they told us they could not see any masses, but that both lungs were so filled with fluid and they are not sure why. He was admitted right away and were still waiting to see if they are going to do a chest tube, IV anti-biotics or what to help him. They have not told us what the dx. is or what is causing this. I am not sure if its plurisy or some kind of pleural effusion. I am scared, really scared.

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today they drained 2 liters of fluid from my fathers right lung. Now they have to test it. TEST IT FOR WHAT? I am so confused because the pulmonary dr. was in the room when they made us leave and my father is trying to protect us from any further "bad" news so he tells us "lets just wait and see what they say" argghhh what could they be looking for? could this still be just "pneumonia" or are they looking for cancer cells from somewhere else in the body???

this worry boat were on sucks, sucks bug time!

anyone got any ideas??

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Guest Karen C

Shelly - they might be testing the fluid for bacterial problems, if he has a bacterial pneumonia or something they will need to know the right antibiotic for it.

Hang in there!

Karen C. (Dave C's wife)

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Just a far out thought but has he had any heart problems in the past? My husband has congestive heart failure and when he was in the hospital they drained his lungs a few times. Anyway try HARD not to borrow trouble, as you know it comes on its own very well. Prayers for you and for him

Bess B

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Shelly, try and think positive. I know it is extremely hard for all that you have been through but you must. Until you know for sure what is causing the fluid, leave cancer out of the picture. Will say special prayers for you and your step-father.....

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