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The Air on Saturday


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Welcome to Saturday, folks, it's peeking around the corners!

I need instructions on how to post pictures. The ones I used to follow no longer work as the site I used is defunct. Any techies out there that can help a girl out?

Even curious what the 'Flake looks like? LOL

Got a nephew to play the Wii with me. He clobbered me, as he put it "I OWNED you, Aunt Becky"...and then the fat, lung-challenged aunt put that boy in his place, LOVE these dancing games that take moves from the '80's.... :wink:

Had a mani-pedi Friday, enjoyed almost every minute of it. My feeties are ticklish, so some of it wasn't so fun. What a weekend it's shaping up to be. Days are nice, but the nights are really snuggle weather - can see your breath.

Headed to bed now, popped an Ambien and need to go nighty-night. Later, taters!

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Morning All! Had to check and see if I still had my desktop weather set on Key West. 74 degrees with an expected high of 82. Perfect winter weather for me. Yesterday we were lower than Miami--our 84, them 87.

Becky, you must start getting some sleep altho it is fun getting up and finding you already here. What the heck is a mani-pedi? Anyway, Ned taught me how to do pics but not sure I'm good enough to teach it. I use photobucket when I infrequently do pics. Eric just used flickr and he'll tell you he's not a techie.

Going to take it easy and have a great day. You all too!

Judy in KW

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Mani-pedi: Manicure and pedicure.

Sleep may start coming in the evenings, we'll see. I have someone in my life working second shift. I talk to him when he gets home and am then wide awake for a while. That may change here real soon...

Speaking of changes, I need to get moving! It's time to start the long list of tasks for the day.


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Morning girls. Pictures are very easy Becky. Load your photos at Photobucket.com. That is the one I use. It's free and easy to work with. Just get an account there. When you log it, it will give you the option to upload your photos. When you click on that, it will bring you to a window to browse for your photos.

Find the photos you want, and if it's multiple photos, before you click on the photos, hold your Ctrl key down and then click on the photos you want. Then upload.

Pick the photo you want to share and highlight the Direct Link URL and copy it. Then come here and open a post and second to the right is a button on top called Img. Click on that and you will get this

Your cursor will be inbetween I Where your cursor is is where you right click and paste your image url in.

When you hit submit, wholah! Your picture will be there. This is how you put it in your profile picture too.

Email me if you need further help Becky.

MI Judy

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Good Afternoon Everybody,

Its just beautiful today,the Trossachs would have been more photogenic,shame it was dull and overcast yesterday,but I still got some nice photos.

Thanks JudyMI for decribing to Becky about posting pics in,I am still not very confident yet in doing this,Jennifer was out today and gave me a hand to post my pics in and the flickr attachment.

Yesterday was pure pleasure for me,off alone with my camera on an adventure,snapping away at anything that moved and even those things that didnt.Visited Loch Katrine(provides Glasgow with its water)to photograph the steamship the Sir Walter Scott,seems the area inspired him with his writing,it is such a beautiful wild area.Next found myself on board on a cruise up the Loch,I stood up at the sharp end and clicked away merrily with my camera.I got chatting to one of the passengers,a free lance journalist,who is currently writing an article on Biofuels,since this ship/boat? is powered by cooking oil,it raised his interest for his article,we got chatting,I mentioned I was out doing an Autumn shoot which I was going to post into LUNGevity,he was very interested in both my story and LUNGevity also that November is Lung Cancer Awareness month,no promises given but he is going to research this further,and approach his editor with a view to doing a feature for us,he confirmed his interest by sending me an email this morning,asking, if requested, would I be willing to add to my story,needless to say my reply,your rootin tootin right I will,isnt this exciting,we could all become famous-well in Scotland anyway?.

I was at the ABC mens breakfast this morning, up early to help set the tables,do my waiter and then clearer uppera,and putting the washed dishes away,who said men cannot do housework?well I really needed to do something to reduce my waistline after scoffing all that bacon,sausage,hash browns and eggs,not forgetting bread rolls.

Got to go and pick Sally up at work now(she has also been asked to work to-morrow -shame)more laptop time for me tee-hee.OK Judy you know and I know you are absolutely right on this issue,but come on, I am on holiday,and back at work next week, so I wont have the same time for posting.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.Bye.

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 47 degrees this morning, with a forecast high of 85. I got up and rode over to the start of a club ride just 7 miles from me in Burleson, did the ride, then rode home. I ended up with just under 65 miles, at a 17.7 mph average, a fast pace for me. That gives me over 190 miles for the week, a good mileage week.

I'm thinking I'll get up and visit my crappie again at Lake Granbury tomorrow. It's supposed to be another beautiful day, with a high of 84 degrees in the afternoon.

Becky, I also use photobucket. It is among the easiest to use. Have a great weekend, all!

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Eric, you have probably single-handedly advanced the cause of Lung Cancer research dramatically just chatting away as you do while snapping your camera lol. Seriously, you've made some serious connection in your country. And we love the computer time you spend here but don't tell Sally I said that lol.

Wonderful evening. Dinner for ten under the trees at John's, a favorite in Duval Square for neighbors to get together. Love them all so much more when I've been away a couple of months lol. I'm trying to get my socializing in before I start my Tarceva. Am not at all anxious. As a matter, the longer I'm off treatment, the better I feel so am not looking forward.

Becky, girl, I need to pm you.

Judy in KW

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Not that I went outside - but it was a gorgeous day here. I'm trying to get over a cold or something (not the flue or strep so the doc said probably viral).

I enjoy bowling on the wii - I get a little crazy with the movement so I can't play every day - have to give the muscles a rest.

Judy in KW - have they ironed out the insurance - I have my everything crossed that all your "taking it easy" before you started will mean that although you get the side effects that you storm troop right through them - cause that's what you do.

Snowflake - hope you get the picture thing figured out - and I know I have to be near the bed when I take that ambien cause it works very well, quick and I don't remember conversations after I take it - - has made for some interesting times. Like the morning I woke up and looked at the phone - - I remember a conversation - and I think it's about getting the kitten - but I had to call the girl back go get the facts and verify - - and as I sit here the little rascal is over across the room opening the drawers of my dresser and emptying them. Seriously!!!

Time to relax - and really maybe this should have been a Sunday Air since it's barely Sunday already.

Hope everyone enjoyed the day - and has a relaxing Sunday.


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Did you get a new kitty? Sure would love to see some pictures.


A new guy? No wonder you've got an energy spurt. Much happiness to you.


A drug vacation! Isn't that lovely? I didn't have the best week, but today I:

made yogurt

and a latte

harvested winter squash and put the garden to bed

had a great shower with Lush shampoo (helping my scalp)

made more reservations for B&B's in Mexico

ate a very good homemade dinner (by M)

went out for ice cream

Not bad for a quiet Saturday?


Back to work eh? Good thing you enjoy it - seems like your advocacy work, family, and photography could keep you busy full time! Thanks for more lovely pictures.

Good night all.

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