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I'll Never Forget You


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Hi Everyone....

I hope all is well with everyone or getting better to say the least....I just want you all to know...I'm sorry I haven't been on line for a while...I think and pray for you alway's and above all I'll never forget you....You all have been my inspiration when I was first dx....I'll be forever grateful for that...

It's been kind of sad and frustrating in my house...My husband is still waiting for a kidney and has been called 34 times by the transplant team and still no kidney....we almost had one a couple months ago but previous he had been hospitalized for puemonia and he went into A fib and they gave him coumadin (which I told them not to)...well he was released on a wednesday....got a call back on thursday moring that they had a kidney for him....went thru all the prep....hours later the lab come;s back and his blood was too thin (FROM THE COUMADIN) and it cost him a kidney...they gave it to some one else which I was thankful for....So here we are still waiting but it has gotten so bad my husband is now on dialysis and feeling awful....It is so hard to see your hb go down hill when he was such a vibrant man...we are keeping the faith and praying hard....please keep us in your prayers...

So this is what's going on in my life right now and of course my first preferance...to take care of my hb....AS for me...I am doing Ok and just celebrated my 6th year since my surgery....PRAISE GOD!!!!

So my dear friends...just wanted to take a minute to let you know I'm OK and hope to get on line more often....Just don't have the heart to do much when my hb isn't feeling well....hopefully when his body get's adjusted to dialysis he will feel better or better yet for a kidney to come thru....

love you all


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Nonni, so good to hear from you. Congratulations on 6 yrs--quite a milestone!

Sorry to hear about your husband's health issues. How frustrating must that be, waiting and waiting only to finally get one and lose it to a prescribed medicine. Here's hoping things will turn around for him real soon.

Judy in KW

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Nonni my sweet friend - I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through with your DH. I hope he rebounds quickly and the next time they call he is ready and rarin' to go. It must be so frustrating to feel so helpless.

Please know I am sending you many cyber hugs ... I wish I could do more. You are both in my thoughts and prayers for better days ahead.

Luv, Linda

P.S. A huge congrats on your 6 year anniversary-I am so-o-o happy for you.

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Hi Nonni,

I don't know that we've met before, but I want to get to know you. You are a woman of Faith in God, trusting him, and I am too. It's wonderful to "meet" you.

I pray for things to get in line for hubs to receive that kidney he needs. I pray for healing. I pray for continued hope and faith to continue.

Congrats on the six year mile marker. That is awesome.

Judy in MI

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