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Long Time No See.....


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Nova, Earl died over 6 years ago and I miss him every minute of every day BUT I live a very full and active life. Before answering your post, I tried to think why it is easier for some and more difficult for others. I could only come up with why I think I 'recovered' as quickly as I did.

No pity party here for sure, but some background. My father died when I was 7 and basically left us penniless. My mother did the best she could but she was 42 when I was born and had never really worked. She also became an alcoholic. So I thing that I raised myself. I married very young (I wonder why), had 2 gorgeous, beautiful, smart children and then got divorced when I was 22. I was alone again for 16 years before I met and married the man of my dreams. We had many wonderful years together and I always thought of them as a gift.

What I think I am trying to say is that I had alot of experience being alone and fending for myself. So after Earl died, I think that experience just kicked in and took over. Just my thoughts.

I hope that you can tuck Harry in an important place in your heart and mind and move forward. This way you can just pull him out as needed (Yep, I talk to Earl too). Be kind to yourself.

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Hi Ginny,

Thanks for writing. Sounds as if we have similar backgrounds. Guess it makes some people stronger, and some more worn out! LOL! I'm in the worn out section right now, although I'm not at all having a pity party either. (What's the use in that? Just uses up more energy and accomplishes nothing. And there's always someone that has it way worse, of course.)

I simply want to know how to get better. Surely it will kick in some day soon.

Thanks so much. Take care,


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