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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 64 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 84.

Everyone around here has baseball fever these days, as our local team, the Texas Rangers, are in the American League Championship Series for the first time ever. I have been watching them play and Rose, who doesn't follow baseball at all, is totally into this series.

I get up at 3:55 am, so not too long after 9:00 last night, I gave up on the game and went to bed. Rose stayed up and watched the entire game, and as I kissed her goodbye this morning, woke up long enough to tell me the Rangers had won....LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Well for the first time I had to scrape the frost off my car this morning,since it was cloudless skies last night,thank goodness for heated front and rear wind screens,I guess thats the first indictor for oncoming winter.

Been a bit of a gloomy day here in the Uk,first the Principal held a staff meeting to talk about cuts in funding next year from further and higher education,to early to forecast its effects on the college,but it could have an impact on courses and staffing.

£89 billion cuts in public services over the next five years have also been announced by the government today,forecast of 500,000,public service workers to lose their jobs.Oh them bankers have really mucked up our economy,and they are still paying themselves massive bonuses,one law for the rich another for the poor?Anyway enough of the doom and gloom.

Nothing much to report today sorry to say,just work ,eat and sleep,It is really quiet in the air today isnt it?

Hi Bud, I dont get to see baseball here in Scotland,have seen many American films with a baseball theme, though,my favourite was Kevin Costners Field of Dreams,must have seen it three or four time since it came out (Sally's always had a fancy for Kevin for years)I dont really understand the finer points of the rules though.I am glad your team won.

Got a handout though my letter box today,Airdrie railway station was a terminus station,but for the last five years they have been working on connecting Airdrie with Edinburgh,which means I no longer have to travel into Glasgow,then back out to Edinburgh.It will be 25mins now to Glasgow and 30mins to Edinburgh isnt that just great,service starts early December,saving my a journey time by 1 hour.

Just going to watch the European Football Championships now,Glasgow Rangers are playing the Spanish side Valencia looking forward to a great game,see you later everyone,bye.

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Hi there,

Had a rare day at home today. It was nice! I'm usually running around like a chicken with my head cut off. LOL! Had two contractors come over to work on the generator (getting it ready for winter, when we lose power a lot due to big snow storms). Another came in to work on the TV downstairs. We had the satellite guy come out and he did not know what he was doing and when he left, the color was bad. Green was black, faces were green, etc. Turns out a cable was unplugged! I wouldn't have known how to even look for that there's so many cables coming out of the box. Duh!

It's a cold, rainy, very blustery day today. I live high on a bluff over my little lake, and when the wind blows it really howls around the house. Nice day to be inside. I appreciate days like this, when I'm safe and warm in my home. Makes me very grateful for the blessings in my life!

Started on 2 doses of Dilantin today for the spasms. I take 2 for 7 days, then 3 for 7, and plateau at 4 a day. I am hoping the issue takes care of itself before I get to four a day, but whatever it takes it takes!

Have a good rest of the day!

Judy in MI

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