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Now this! What's next????


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They have put my Mom in an Isolation Room due to the fact that she tested positive when they did the lung wash for the bacterium that the TB family is from SO..........now they are waiting to see if she is a host for TB and if she is then the Chemo and Radiation will come to a dead hault and they will have to give her TB drugs for 6 to 9 months! I am so exhausted staying at the hospital and now we have to wear heavy duty THICK special masks until this is ruled out. PLEASE....PLEASE pray that she is negative so we can get on with the Chemo and she doesn't have to wait 6 to 9 months taking TB drugs that are VERY hard on the liver. The doctor point blank told her that "in her condition" that the TB would kill her long before the cancer. She is just so down now and it breaks my heart to see how she has had to deal with SCLC and now this! How did she get it? Well according to her Infectious Disease Doctor lots of healthy folks could have this family of bacteria floating around in us and because it is standard protocol with lung cancer patients that they be tested is the only reason it was found in her. It is just awful how they have to treat her in the hospital and if myself and my Mother-in-law weren't there for her she would be all alone in her room because they have to wear such protective stuff that they find it a "burden" to just check her vitals let alone just pop in to see if she is OK. She is 71 with severe arthritis and getting around is difficult for her as it is and if I am not there she has to buzz the nurse and wait for them to get in their protective garb. If it turns out to be ANYTHING but TB she can be treated with strong antibiotics along with the Chemo. This seems like a dream and I just pray that she is found negative and we can get past this to deal with the SCLC while it is still limited without any mets. Thursday we find out and until then we're just waiting...............Thanks for listening and hugs, Linda

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So sorry about the TB. We have a little experience with it too. My husband and I lived in London, England on a job assignment. When we came home my husband had a dreadful cough that would NEVER go away, thought he had brought a flu back from the UK...Back here in TX and TEN months later, (and three doctors later) we found out he had TB. Took the pills for 6 months (they didn't bother him) and is fine today.

ANYWAY, my point is, when he tested positive, all of us had to be tested too. Luckily neither I or my little boy had it, but everyone he came in contact with had to be tested. My mom and brother tested positive, but after many tests later it was determined that they did not have active TB and that they tested positive because they may have had it sometime during their life and once you've had it, you ALWAYS test positve.

I am praying this may be the case with your mom. Maybe she had TB as a girl or another point in her life and maybe the doctors are just being extra careful with her. I know I am grasping at straws here for you, but I pray that she gets all the treatment she needs (including chemo)

Your mom and your family are always in my prayers. Keep us informed, we will be thinking of you.

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