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Another family member has died today


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Just when I thought the new year had begun so positively, I learned today that my dear Uncle Ray passed away....

When we used to razz my dad about smoking...he would say--look at your uncle Ray...smokes like a chimey and healthier than a horse-

Well, maybe there's one "Ray" to every 400,000 folks that tobacco kills each year,,,but he was the one my dad always made an example of....

The last time I saw him was the week of my dad's funeral...a cigarette in his mouth and one of those tiny wiskey bottles from the airplane in his coat pocket...He kept showing it to everybody like he was a little devil...but you know, I never saw him ever take a drink...LOL

He was an onery wildcat- a transplanted Okie who lived with my Aunt in California and wore cowboy boots always.

93 years old (I think) and still out mowing his grass and shuffling after my aunt who is probably 25 years younger than he.

He was a great old coot that I will miss alot. Had a heart attack the day before Christmas and passed away this Saturday almost at the exact same time as my Kennedy was born. Weird huh?

I think he and dad are having a drink and a smoke and waving down on us.

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I have heard that when someone dies and a new baby is born the person who died becomes the baby's guardian angel. Sounds like your little girl has a very special angel. Sometimes we see people in a certain way and forget so much of what really lies underneath the image we have. Sounds to me like your uncle was not only comfortable with himself but his image as well.. Always remember him as the way you just discribed him. He will live on forever in your heart and mind as someone very special. God Bless and hug that little girl. She is a real blessing for you and Rick. Lillian

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God Bless Katie,

Wonderful story and wonderful life!!! :) Sorry and saddened for the loss but how grateful to have him in your life.

No and I for one don't believe in those kinda weird things !! Gods way of gettin our attention, if ya know what I mean, lettin us know it's alright!!

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18/03 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

PET taken 1/5 - hot spot in mediastinum May be cancer??

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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I'm sorry you had to make a "trade", Katie. Look at the sweet young thing that came in when he was going out - she just needed someone to get the door! Should be able to keep both, but ornery ol' coots who die in their boots still gotta go sometime.

Sorry for your loss, not trying (too hard) to make light of it. Some deaths are easier to accept, like a man in his 90s who has lived a full life. Still hurts, but feels "natural" - like child birth! At least he went quick in comparison to the drawn out ordeal of cancer mortality (and if he was chasing a wife that was 25 years younger than him, at 4:00A, he probably went with a smile on his face!).

Take care, Katie!


PS ...about that smoke: I'm pretty sure Heaven doesn't have a smoking section - that seating is the other way! :wink:

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Sorry about your loss Kathie.

But he had a beautiful life and enjoyed each day he lived.

He will be missed, but his spirit will linger and will bring more

smiles than tears.

The new little one may have his disposition for a long and

happy life, that why he went when she came.

Losing a love one is always hard, but the good souvenirs will always stay.


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Thanks ALL!

Becky, I bet you're right about the smoking section...seeing that dad quit a while back I doubt he'd be having one in heaven....and well, Ol' Ray finally quit smoking now didn't he? But I hear heaven has great wine so maybe, like Tiny said, he and dad are having a drink and celebrating their little reunion and our new little bit of joy here on earth.

His passing is alot easier to accept than the death of those who have been thru this cancer journey, those who are too young when they leave this world, or those that suffer so... Thanks everyone for the ear...

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