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I get so tired of it. Is it really too much to expect?


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This is October, Breast Cancer Awareness month and believe me everyone knows it. I have no problem with that, I have two sisters in law who have had Breast Cancer. The problem is why can they dominate everything and when November comes they still do, you see or hear virtually nothing about lung cancer?

A few years ago M&Ms introduced a program to give when you bought a bag of their candy that had a special pink one in it. Yogart tops bring donations to Breast Cancer. Every store has a program or collection cup of some kind. This morning I saw that the grocery up the street from me is printing their adds on pink paper this month. I saw on tv someone selling pink tshirts with the proceeds going to support Breast Cancer research. Our beautiful Sundial Bridge is being bathed in pink light for several nights. There are signs and banners everywhere you look and you can not turn on the tv or radio without hearing someone talk about the fund raising and awareness efforts.

Why then can we not get even one of those things in November for Lung Cancer Awareness? Why is it that when there is something you hear of the only real program is stop smoking ? I really believe that is the main reason that people will not stand up for lung cancer awareness and support research. Having it attached to smoking all of the time has a large percent of the people believing that Lung Cancer is just a smokers disease. When you try to tell them different even good caring people think you are wrong.

The sad thing is that they still don't get the real issue. Yes smoking has caused a lot of lung cancer but does that mean that people who smoked don't have the right to life? That people who smoked have less value as human beings and children of God? Why is it that we can't get people to listen? Why can't we find a way to make them see the whole story?

We have had celebrities and well known people die from lung cancer for years . Their plight has been reported and people shake their heads at the shame of the loss but then turn their backs on trying to help. I really believe that the only solution is to get someone to search for and find other reasons for Lung Cancer and give them just as much publicity as smoking has gotten. I think that in November emphasis should be taken off of stop smoking campaigns and focus on making people aware that lung cancer is a HUMAN disease. Let's face it most of us who started smoking years ago have either quit , died or feel that it is too late to quit. Those campaigns do little. A full push for awareness to me is the most important thing that can be done.

I just wish we could find a way to make some of the same things happen for lung cancer that has happened for Breast Cancer. Is it wrong to want this? Am I really reaching to think that someday people will see the truth but not in time to save so much misery and heartache? How can we get our message across? Fund raisers help but that old attitude doesn't change.

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