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She sent me a box


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Connie gave me a box shortly before her last open heart surgery. I had flown up to be there for a week before the surgery, stayed teh 12 hours in the hospital and the minute she was out of critical condition I flew home...

Anyway, her chances of surviving that surgery was very slim....she gave me a box of things she wanted me to have.

Later she asked me if I had opened the box and I said NO WAY...that's just bad mojo and I didn't touch that box. I took it and put it in the bottom of my office closet and there it sat for 3 1/2 years.

Today I opened the box. There were sweet notes attached to little momentos that were so important to her. One was an angel ornament and the note said- "Angels watching over you and your family" signed with a smiley face.

There was a pink candle in a crystal candle holder...the note said, "Light this and think of me"

I just sit here in tears thinking about her having hand-picked and hand-written those little notes for me.

Still taking care of me from where she is at now.

My heart is really very heavy.

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Oh Katie ... I cannot even begin to imagine the heartache you feel at the loss of your friend and mentor Connie. You have experienced such great losses in your life and I really wish I had the right words to say how sorry I am that you must travel down this road again.

The contents of the box spoke volumes of what you meant to her. What a wonderful treasure your friendship was and I hope that the good memories of the times you spent together bring you some measure of peace.

Please know I am praying for you and all those who loved her so dearly. :cry:

Many hugs,


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I cried at work yesterday when my husband told me Janet had called and said Connie was at peace. Hearing of your box --tears are welling up again. I will miss my dear friend but I know her family who left before her and embrassing her now.

Donna G

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How wonderful of Connie to be thinking of you ahead of herself. She was one of a kind. I will miss her amazing responses, her friendship, and her knowledge. Connie was truely an inspirational person.

May you always know she is an angel on your shoulder.

Much love,


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She was a remarkable lady and you my dear Katie are a very remarkable lady. You were such a good friend to not only Connie but everyone of us. She understood your value more than you realized. I know that you will miss her deeply but she gave you one last part of herself to bring you comfort and that was the most unselfish thing anyone could ever do. Take care and God Bless you.

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