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Radiation and throat


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Good day all.

3rd week of treatment and the radiation is getting the better part of my throat.

i have 2 more weeks of radiation and my throat is toast now very hard to eat and drink. I radaition 5 days a week in the upper chest.

Chemo so far is a walk in the park but radiation is taking it's toll on me. i still eat but getting very difficult.

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There you are! I saw your note on Facebook. I'm sorry the radiation is getting rough, it is a grueling regime to get through, but I have a couple of friends that had to go through that, and they are doing great now.

As for your note, there are many Board Index options for discussing your progress.

Go to the Board Index which you see on the Upper left side of the box above the title of your post called Radiation and throat. You will see many Board Index types and then sub-types under that.

You could post appropriately anything going on with you in the Discussion Forum: Lunch Cancer Survivors which is for anyone in or out of treatment that had lung cancer.

The other forum where you could post treatment updates is General Forum: General Lunch Cancer Discussion Forum

As you progress to the stage where you are getting a new CT scan or new test, you could go to the Test Time Forum: Updates.

The last one I want you to be aware of is a daily post forum in the Board Index called Off Topics: Just for Fun.. This is a good one for every day catching up with regulars here about day to day life. Check it out. It's been fun and interesting to be a part of that one.

Bottom line is this: When I come to this site, the first place I go is to the View New Posts at the top of the page. I also have my posts "Notify me when a reply is posted", so if I note you, and someone else replys to you, I get a short email just letting me know someone posted to my post or any other post that I wrote, and I can go check it out easily if I want.

Whew! That was long winded, but you just got a crash course on this website!

Judy in MI

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Someone on Grace just went thru radiation without throat problems - she swished and swallowed two spoons (Tablespoons?) of olive oil daily. Not sure I could do it, but you might give it a try. It will help keep your weight up!

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Glad to hear you made in through radiation. It took all that I had to be able to eat during it. I also finished up with 2nd degree burns.

Honey sounds like a good idea. They always tell you to take it with a sore throat...

Glad you are moving forward. Are you returning to work after Dec 13th? Or more Chemo yet??

Hope you are feeling better. Best of luck.


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1 yr with clean scans and can't each of you enough. Posting and chatting on here was helpful. Still to this day i truely don't understand everything like some of you.

When I find a job, i'll throw a few bucks in the kitty, you are a great bunch!! :D

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This report is such good news. I follow you on Facebook, and am always glad to see you post here. Sounds like you are doing well. That makes me so happy!

Back to work? That's fantastic! If you find a few to throw in the kitty, that is fabulous too!

I so remember when you first came here. Glad this place helped you then. And now your positive results can help others. God is good Eric.

Judy in MI

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