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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! It was 67 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 90. It's going to be a tough ride home against a south headwind gusting to 30 mph while not feeling well.

KW Judy, I'm with you. Even a tough fishing day is a lot better than my best days at work.

Lily, everyone around here is still amazed at the Rangers being in the World Series. In 50 years of existence, they've never done it before. The fact that it happened in a year when they went through bankruptcy and had to be sold makes it even more amazing. As well as they're playing right now, I wouldn't bet against them.

Have a great day, all!

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Hey folks

Well Bud looking out at a snow covered ground makes those temperatures look really good. I moved south to the farm but I guess not far enough south to avoid the snow. Well at least I did get a couple extra weeks of fall without snow than if I was still in the knife.

I certainly understand what you mean about bad fishing is better than a good work day. I'm just having a tea then I have to collect eggs, feed the animals, then cut wood and I'm looking forward to it alot more than I did going to work and sitting behind a desk. Even sore muscles tonight will still feel better.

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Good morning, friends.

We finally got a decent rain here this morning and I'm hoping there's more on the way. Our high temp for today may reach 90, which will set a record for this time of year. We're supposed to get a fair cool down this weekend and that's great news to me!!!

Bud, I love to fish but never seem to have the time to do it! At my age, I should have learned all about making time for the things we love to do. There are two things here that discourage me from fishing....the heat and the mosquitoes. The heat is terrible during the day and the mosquitoes eat you up in the evening. We have these little buggers called no-see-ums that absolutely tear me up. Some people don't have such a harsh reaction to them, so I wonder if I could be allergic to them? When they bite me, I absolutely scratch until my skin is raw.

So, is everyone ready for Halloween? You know, I never did get my decorations down from the attic so I guess I don't have to worry about putting them away this year. I feel so bad that I didn't get them down but I can't seem to justify decorating at this late date.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday....my least favorite day of the week!


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Good morning everyone. It is clear and cool here after a nice slow soaking rain all night the night before last and all morning yesterday. It was one of those stay in pjs kind of days. I didn't get dressed until after 10am. It has been years sense I did that, either I had to be to work or needed to take Misty out. It requires cool temperatures and rain to make me feel like staying in my pjs all day.

I love this kind of weather and am hoping that in the next few days I get a chance to see a little more color in the trees . There has been some but not as much as the past few years and I know once I head South I can forget about that.

I have always loved to fish. My ex would get so mad because I would always say just one more worm or one more shrimp that he would throw the bait away so I would have to quit. I do understand the heat and the mosquitoes and don't forget the knats they are much worse than mosquitoes. I had a problem last Summer with the no see ums and yes they did the same to me. I was miserable and because I leave my windows open and the creek is right below, I got them in my apartment. I had a major job to get rid of them. Thank goodness they didn't come back this year.

Well time to get off and see what I can fix for lunch. I am kind of letting everything run out with just a week left until I leave.

Have a good day everyone.

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Went to get my lap top today from Best Buy. They were supposed to do a system restore and fix the software glitches that make the PC lock up. Get it back, no restore, computer still locking up. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! So frustrating. So back I go. I'm forced to use them because I was dumb enough to pay them before the work was done, and now I have no choice.


Gorgeous day here. Had a night with mighty storms that took the power down a few times. But that's why we got a generator. Sunny today and in the 70's, but big cold front coming through and they are predicting snow by Halloween. I think this is truly our last 70 degree day for about 6 months.

Nice to see you Bruce! So where is South that you have snow already. Obviously S. of Yellow Knife, but not south enough!

Bud, I hope you get to feeling better soon. I seem to have taken a turn for the better overnight so all is okay here.

Ann, I used to decorate big time for Halloween, but since recovering from the cancer and chemo, I just have not done it. I cut back on how much I decorate for Christmas, cut way back on how many Christmas cards I send out, and stopped decorating for holidays. Maybe if these doctors can figure out my spasm issues, I will go back to that. I used to enjoy it so much.

Lily, I love days like that too. Somehow I can justify staying in my PJ's when it's a cold, overcast day. It's so cozy and fun. Sitting in a chair and getting lost in a book on days like that is awesome!

Judy in MI

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Evening All! It was warm today but we were out and about and I didn't find it terribly hot. Stan thinks we only had highs of around 82-86.

Up and out early today because I went to town with the man. He's an up and at em kind of guy. Stopped at the post office which was near the early voting site so took advantage of that. Already downtime so stopped for a latte, yeh! Grocery shopping then home. I still had to help put groceries away, work out, shower and blow dry my hair (hate doing that!). I'm whooped now. After separate left-over dinners together, I'm in the chair for the night.

I get sad when I recall what an avid fisherwoman I was. When we lived in KW as young newlyweds, we fished onshore and from the bridges. Up north in lakes and shallow riverbeds. I fished for a few years when we moved here but when I started working, I stopped. It wasn't worth getting seasick when you only have a couple of days off. Now it's chemo and the sun. Oh well, I loved it while it lasted.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening All,

Nice to see some well kent faces about today,another bright sunny day today,if a bit on the cold side,these time zones really get me,its 10.30pm here,and I am about to say goodbye to Monday,when you are all just into it.

Nothing much to report today,busy work Monday,spent most of the evening,searching out Andre Rieu DVDs on eBay and Amazon,managed to order four I havent got.Was going to spend some time also editing my hikers and bikers pics,too late to-night,bowling tomorrow night,so try on Wednesday.

Bud ,really pleased for you that the Texas Rangers are doing well,wish I could say the same for the Scottish Football Team,for years the Scots punched above their weight and could hold their own against the bigger Soccer Nations of the world,alas no more,even the minor teams in the world are giving us the run around,I tell you its computers,ipods,blackberries and raspberries to blame ,kids today dont play kick about the streets with a football as we did when I was young,so there isnt as much talent coming through the ranks.

Bruce, good to see you back,hope you have recovered from your fall from your horse.Just thinking,hope you have got him a nice thick winter blanket,it must be really hard on the animals where you are in winter?.I do envy your freedom to do farm type chores at your own beck and call,and away from your previous desk duties,best of luck I hope everything goes well for you,am I remembering correctly, did you mention buying Llamas for your farm?

Ann and Lilyjohn,mozzies and gnats? oh come on,pussycats, compared to the Scottish Highland midge,these creatures are invisible at descend on you in swarms usually first thing in the morning or in the early evening,thank goodness they are rural creatures essentially. They particularly like to attack the unwary tourist from eg America visiting our countryside.Not that natives are immune, but you get a bit wise to their habitat,and stay away,trees and moist ground areas.Their bites drive you mad and leave swellings on your body that are a million times the size of the little brutes,I used to smoke cigars when fishing to keep them at bay-see where that got me,you just cannot win.

Off to bed now,see you.

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