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10yrs- Faces of Lung Cancer- send us a photo please!!


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This year marks the 10th anniversary of the LUNGevity Foundation Fall Benefit! We will again be showing a video of the "Faces of Lung Cancer." Please send us photos of your loved ones who have been affected by this disease. We will be adding these photos to the video that we showed last year, and would love for your photos to be included. The deadline for receipt of your photos is Monday, November 1; they should be emailed to faces@lungevity.org.

Thank you for your help,

Marcy Cohen

Tarali Schaumberger

Janice Scornavacco

Fall Benefit Co-Chairs

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I sent in pics lots of my friends who are no longer here and of my dad and of a couple of folks in my in person LC group that are doing well.

I'll try to get them to let me promote it over social media so that we can all see the final product!!

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Thank you Ron and everyone!

Send in your pics today everyone.

I'm not in charge of producing the video but I will let you guys know when it's complete and available to see!

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Hi Tina,

You can send them an email at faces@lungevity.org or info@lungevity.org

and ask if they got your pics. I'm not in charge of producing this video for the fall benefit. I just posted a request for photos for the event committee!!

Thanks for sending in your pics!!

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