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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 52 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 83.

I did something this morning that I haven't done in a long time: I called in sick, and didn't go to work. This cold has really gotten me down. I'm going to sag back into my chair in front of the tv.

Have a great day, all!

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Good Morning All! Looks great outside but I won't be going out. My sunblock clothes haven't arrived yet. I told Stan that when I get all decked out to go on the screenporch, he has to take my picture so I can put it online It will be a laugh and a half.

Bud, so sorry your cold is hanging on but think it was a good idea to call in sick. I don't know how you know if you have a flu or a cold but a day "down" won't hurt at all.

This is day one of Tarceva. Don't like the hour without my tea in the am but got thu it. Not looking forward to it every morning. Part of the hr wait-time I spent on my new Tarceva Flaming Face regime. Need to work on applying a lot less facial cleanser. I could see the dead skin cells on the black washcloth like I was supposed to for all the lather lol. And the sweet almond oil came out to fast. My eyes are still blurry and you could slide off my face since cream goes on top of that. Some nausea a couple of hours after taking it but my Zofran seems to be handling that.

So far, so good friends. Have a great day.

Judy in KW

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A beautiful day here. Bud you deserve a break - and I would bet that anyone else would be taking more than one day down. Relax!!

Judy - I'm glad to hear that you were able to concur the nausea - that has to make you feel a little better and that will help tomorrow. I don't want to imagine the routine you are starting, but I'd bet that every step is like a baby step towards the goal - I want to hear about every detail and then most importantly the positive results everyone is hoping for!

I'm a little bored at work today - but also enjoying the down time. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.


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Evening All,

Really wet and miserable day,as they say here "Its been fair chucking it doon",never mind as long as inwardly I still feel happy and on top of the world (well not quite as high up as Bruce,Tee-Hee).Talking of Bruce,nice to read of his rescue of the Llamas,Bruce are you going to harvest their fleeces,if so,can I put in my order for a pullover size 42" chest,nice if you could have it ready for christmas.Oh maybe its the wrong season to be asking,seems the Llamas will be needing their fleeces more than I will,given where your neck of the woods is,LOL.

Oh Judy, the moment has arrived,your first Tarceva pill swallowed-I raise my glass,containing a wee dram of !2 year old Whyte and MacKays to you and a shout of "SLAINTE",hope you heard that in Key West (Slainte of course means your good health).Ahem-"Heres to you,may your experience of Tarceva have the least of downside effects and the maximum of up side benefits,for ever and ever-Amen".

Buddy Boy-AW what a shame you having to miss a nice day at work,over a silly wee cold,you must be so disapointed in not feeling up to it.Think if I were you,I would spin it out and go back to work on Monday,well you dont want to be going passing it to your workmates now,do you?.I only hope your day-time TV progs are better than the rubbish they put on here in Scotland?.

Just going downstairs now to watch the Footie,Glasgow Celtic playing ??? gosh I really have forgotten,oh well never mind.Oh further the first of my four ordered Andre Rieu DVDs arrived today,so its on after the footie,what a great nights viewing I am going to have,isnt life just dandy.Byeee.

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Wow...it's really hot and humid here today! The high was supposed to reach 90 and with all the humidity factored into the heat, it feels like the mid-90's. What happened to the almost-like-fall weather we had a couple of weeks ago? This weekend we're supposed to get the tail end of the cold front that's been moving across the country and our daytime highs should only reach 80 with lows in the 60's. That's more like it, Mother Nature!!!

Half way through this week is a really good feeling. By this time tomorrow, I'll be ready to start my countdown to Friday!!! I hope all of you will join me in the countdown!

Bud, hope you are feeling much better after a day of rest. When I get a cold, it seems that some extra rest under a nice blanket is the best medicine.

KW Judy - I hope today went well for you. Please know that I'm thinking of you as you begin this new treatment. I'm saying prayers and sending lots of vibes in your direction.

Hope everyone has a great evening!!!


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Good afternoon everyone (maybe night time by Eric),

Long week so far. Green Bay Packer game was intense right to the last second on Sunday. I didnt get home to late and Monday and Tuesday were difficult to catch up on sleep. I finally feel normal if I even know what normal is :?

Real windy today and yesterday. Halloween stuff all over yard had to pull a lot in the garage. I guess I will have to set it all up again tomorrow or whenever the winds stop. My back yard gate blow open yesterday and my two dogs were running around the neighborhood. What a mess!

Bud I sure hope you start feeling better soon. I know everyone at work and home was sick and I was washing my hand with sanitizer until I thought my skin was falling off (still paranoid about being sick) :lol:

Judy in KW I sure hope everything goes easily for you. Not having my coffee in the morning would not make me happy either. That will take some getting use to. You have a great sense of humor, cant imagine what your new clothing would look like but atl east once you get it you can go outside. Glad to hear the Zofran is helping the nausea.

Wow Ann 90 degrees, sound pretty steamy by you. I could use that right about now.

Eric I always enjoy reading your posts and viewing your breathetaking pictures. What is the time difference by you. When it is 4 pm here what time is it there?

Hope everyone has a restful evening.


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Hey everyone, I did another post earlier today but it didn't "send." Eric, you and I might have been doing one and hit send about the same time. I've lost posts like that before.

I was a bit off the wall at the time. Better now. First day on Tarceva, Patient Access calls and tells me my grant app was denied. They use the gross income plus monthly SS and come up with a figure that disqualifies us. It's twice what our adjusted gross is. I went from scr#w it, I'll go back on IV chemo. Then I remembered it would be Taxol. Naw. Then I was going to go off treatment altogether, then buy one more month and go off it after my next scan. Finally worked out something more reasonable. I had a reserve I saved from my counseling practice and had been adding my SS to it until last summer. It was traveling money, first and foremost was supposed to be Italy. I'm going to use that til it's gone. We'll decide where to go from there. I don't feel at all comfortable depleting all our savings. Stan's almost 70 and still working and that's why they won't help me. What's wrong with this picture?

Judy in KW

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Oh Judy - everything is wrong with that picture. Just so I can start worrying now (see how optimistic I am), are you on Medicare? I will be eligible in 21 months. Hate to think that will mean I have to come up with a crazy expensive copay. Well, I guess I won't, because I still won't have a gross income that exceeds their guidelines. Wonder how many years they are willing to send me these precious pills?

Last fall, some friends offered to buy my house (and let me live in it cheap) in order to pay out of pocket, if it came to that. That would have been a crazy proposition. Very glad I did not have to put that into play.

How silly a system - you can go to a hospital every week or three and have chemo paid for, with all the labs, equipment, etc. But take medicine at home, and you have to come up with the cash. I just don't understand why this doesn't get through to the insurance commissioners or even accountants.

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I know Stephanie. Stan is contemplating slashing or giving up his modest salary in the business next year but I think it would just show up as profit, I don't know. I am on Medicare and got more help before I was on it. I pay for Medicare, supplemental insurance and my RX plan and now my copay is cost prohibitive. Ned gave me links to more possibilities so guess I know what I'll be doing for the next week or two.

Don't worry but check into everything before you go on Medicare. I signed up for supplemental insurance with AARP HealthCare Options within the first six months of going on Medicare. Then they can't deny you for preexisting conditions. I also picked a plan that covers the full 20% co-pay so when I do IV chemo, it's all covered. Seems it's just Tarceva because it's a pill you take at home. You're right. That is just crazy.

Judy in KW

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Oh goodness, don't even know how to respond to the many posts today. Judy, my heart breaks for you. I can only imagine the fear and other scared thoughts you have right now. If it were me, I'd be terrified.

All I can add is that the Dilantin I"m on is helping. It's a good thing for me temporarily. But I can't be on this long term. Its a dangerous drug. But short term it is helping me. Thank you God. I see the U of M doctor in a week and he will determine my next course of test/treatments. Next is the EMG and a muscle biopsy. Not looking forward to either, but looking forward to results that get me off this drug.

I ordered my first Senior meal this week. I checked out the menu at I Hop and the senior 2x2x2 meal suited me just fine. 2 eggs, 2 saugases, 2 pancakes, at a greatly reduced price. Nice. It still kind of bothered me, but reality is I'm entitled to this and I'm grateful to be considered a Senior!!!!!

Judy, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you tolerate this new regine well, and pray it does what we hope it does.

Judy in MI

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