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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 47 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 74. I'm working today, but I'm still feeling puny enough that I drove to work rather than riding.

KW Judy, that does seem crazy, as do some of the other rules. Rose's oncologist seemed to do a pretty good job of putting her in for all assistance she might qualify for. There was one grant we would have qualified for income-wise, but were disqualified because we own our home outright. That seemed a bit crazy to me, too.

Our retirement income will be low enough that we'll be worrying about all that plenty when we retire. What a healthcare system, huh!

Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! Oops, almost afternoon. Coming in late because a friend came to take a BUNCH of stuff in my clothes closet off my hands. Can't wait to get back in there and spread things out. Still have plenty I don't wear but what if I lose weight on Tarceva? No change in my appetite yet lol.

Bud, am glad you took another day off biking. When I was going to the gym, I had a trainer for a little while. She told me it's not a good idea to "excercise thru a cold." Best thing she said was to take off and start again when you're feeling better. Hope that's soon for you.

Yes the health system stinks but I still have options to explore. Ned gave me some and Patient Access gave me some. Genetech is supposed to call and follow up this week. Bet they won't. Proably already know I was denied. I'm lying low for the rest of today though. I was up at 4-something am. Not feeling sick but really tired.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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I wouldn't bet against hearing from Genetech. If I forget to call them for a reorder, they call me! And they call every now and then just to see how I am doing and if I have any concerns or questions. Unfortunately, the only answers they give are the ones I have read in their literature. But they are very responsive, in theory.

Went late to water exercise thinking I could swim laps after, but a dozen or two small fry came barreling into the pool right as class finished. I didn't see "school rental" on the schedule since I was still looking at the September schedule. Oh well, I got a good half hour in.

Plenty of chores and errands today. Japanese maple outside my window is beautiful.

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Judy glad to hear that you are not sick so far. Hope you get the insurance issues straightened out soon. It is bad enough to need medication without worrying about paying for it.

I want to tell you all about something that I just watched on television. A couple of weeks ago I had posted that the soap The Bold and The Beautiful was running a story about Lung Cancer. They have made some of it very unrealistic but today's show was very special.

Today they addressed those feelings that set lung cancer patients apart. That attitude that can be so heartless and cruel. They addressed the fact that people with LC are not only misunderstood but looked at as "the walking dead". The actual story for today was on the homeless but it did a great job of addressing Lung Cancer issues and those of the homeless, abused and users of both drugs and liquor. Unlike a lot of shows this was a real reality show. They were actually on the streets of LA talking to the homeless people. It was at the least a very informative show and at it's best a very emotional one.

We all know how lung cancer is portrayed and how often that hurts our cause to raise funds and get attention. Watching that show I began to realize that I and I am sure many others look at homeless people with many misconceptions as well. I just never really thought about them as a group of people who had real stories. I hope now that I will be as understanding of their plight as I am hoping others will be of people with lung cancer and their loved ones.

We watch so many shows that are called Reality Shows. It is too bad that more of these real reality shows aren't made. What a world we would have if more people understood before they made a judgement on others.

If you don't watch the soaps try to find the time to at least look up this episode on the web and watch it. I am sure that if nothing else you will find something to relate to.

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Evening All,

Almost 11pm here,just about to call it a day,Ill read a few more pages of D-Day by Anthony Beever before going to sleep.Libby if your time zone is as New Yorks,you are five hours behind me.Been showery here today,but strangely warm?.

Busy today,not long in from Christianity Explored course,I attend,really enjoying myself,we are off to Dumfries next Friday for the weekend,the hotel is set in the countryside,which is really beautiful at this time of the year,the organisers have set aside plenty of time for enjoying walks in the surrounding area,seen photos of the hotel,thankfully it looks as far from spartan as it can get,so it looks like a really good weekend away.

Well this weekend is going to be fun also,21st birthday party tomorrow night,then Saturday,I have volunteered to stand in Asda (Your Wallmart)at the checkout to help shoppers pack their groceries,to raise cash for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,hope I dont drop anyones boxes of eggs.My youngest sister ,Linda is having a dinner party on Saturday night,so I will probably be up at the wee small hours,seems like I wouldnt be here until Sunday eve.

Judy oh if only it wasnt so late and my energy levels,are a bit low,I would have loved to climb back up on my soap box and exercise my wrath at your drug funding situation that you and probably loads of fellow Americans have to put up with,might give it a go if I havent mellowed by Sunday.Guess who I was watching on the news 30 mins ago? Sarah bloody Palin (sorry about that, it just sorta slipped out) Primary Elections on Tuesday?Republicans anticipating sweeping gains we are being told?oh ,and Sarah thinks she is going to run for being the Prezzy in two years time,gosh if she wins???well I was listening to BBC Radio 4 today and there is a serious proposal being put to NASA about sending some volunteers on a one way ticket to Mars to set up a working colony there,soon,apparently they now have the technology now to make this viable? Ann you live near NASAs base in Florida,would you mind dropping in and getting me an application form please?.See you all Sunday byeee.

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