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Dear Friends,

My Onc called this evening to give me the results from the CT done this morning. Yes,the nodules in my left lung have grown a couple of millimeters. However, my onc explained that "this can occur when measurements are taken at different angles.....like taking a picture of a sliced orange and turning it. When you turn it, it gets larger at different angles." He also admitted that on Mon., he "didn't mean to sound like an alarmist," but was "concerned" about my back pain location. Fortunately, the CT showed NO CANCER elsewhere in my body. He will see me in a month to follow up. There is no way to tell if nodules are cancerous unless biopsied, which my onc does not want to put me through. Also, the nodules are probably too small to light up on a PET scan still. We will continue to watch them for now. I hate having them there inside me, and really wish I could have them taken out. However, my body needs to continue to heal from the surgery I just had. Thank you guys for your support! My Onc also changed my antidepressant to Lexipro, which supposedly has fewer undesired side effects. I will keep you posted on their effectiveness.

Thanks again to my family here at LC Survivors for your support, I am praying for all of you!


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Ive been thinking and praying all day! I didnt know you'd find out so soon!!Ive heard that also about measurements being taken from different angles.

If there ever comes a time when you are healed that you want to pursue those nodules, my father had a needle biopsy done which is not traumatic at all. You are not put out and its not surgery. Im not sure if nodule has to be a certain size for them to do it, but you might want to ask your onc.

But I believe if you ever have it done it will only confirm what these CT scans are telling you - that they are BENIGN!

Im soooooooo happy for you, Cheryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Focus on the good news!!!!! I know you don't want anything nasty inside of you--I feel the same way. But, you do need to heal from your surgery anyway. Your docs will watch the nodules for you--you work on feeling good and your new nutritional plan. I am watching that with interest--keep us posted.

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