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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Looks like another day of the same in KW--warm and sunny. I have my UV coverup so I may don my Halloween costume and pose for a photo today. Besides, my massage therapist/friend rescued a domestic bunny on our road and I've been meaning to go see it.

It's hard for me to do the Air right now. My farm on FB distracts me better. I am so obsessed with anticipating this rash that lying in bed last night, I imagined I could feel it breaking through on my skin. I know I keep saying I don't want to be ugly but I'm also afraid of the pain. A couple of people have reported a lot of pain. I recall here or on cancergrace a woman said she felt like her skin was burning from the inside out. I know it's silly but I just want next week to come so I can see what I'm dealing with. I'm switching to taking it at night after I consulted with Dr Stephanie lol. No really, it's so helpful having someone still on it. I decided I couldn't handle mornings so I'll do evening and up the hours not eating before bedtime to 3 or 4 to account for what appears to be my sluggish digestive system.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon, everyone! Happy Halloween!

It was 48 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 85. Rose and I took off from home on our bikes this morning and rode 26 miles. It was my first ride since last Tuesday, and Rose's longest distance since she got back on the bike.

I went fishing yesterday. The cooler weather has started the fish moving, and I never found them, only boating 3 crappie. It was still nice to be out, though.

I'll end up with just 603 miles on the bike in October. It was already not a great mileage month, and being sick for the last week made it worse. That leaves me just over 1,000 miles to ride in the last two months of the year to reach my 7,500 mile goal. That will be tough to do if the weather gets bad.

I'm so glad Genetech came through for you, Judy. That's great news! Have a great day, all!

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You are so funny. I forgot to remind you that many on T find they have to work very hard to work up a sweat. It will be interesting to hear if that is true in a warmer climate as well. The burning inside the skin? I get that in place of hot flashes! It is uncommon, and mostly limited to my scalp and face - and passes quickly. I'd think if you were through with hot flashes, this might not occur. Let's assume that it so.

Blazing sunshine, blue sky, red leafed maples and blueberries, and the neighborhood decorated for all hallow's eve.

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Happy Halloween Everyone,

Just gone 8.15pm,I am just home from having spent a lovely weekend away.Friday night was 21st birthday party night,really nice occassion loads of my extended family and friends were there,including my daughter and boyfriend Chris,seeing all the young kids looking so smart and attractive made me wish to be 21 again.Got home in the early hours then out to Asda for 10am.

Eight volunteers turned up,we set out with our buckets to our respective tills,I was really lucky in having a wonderful check out cashier,who was just full to bursting with the Glasgow patter,we shared non-stop laughs with the customers,the time just flew by.One couple of Canadians turned up with a couple of their Scottish relatives,they were just off the plane,coming here for a three week vacation,imagine just arriving at their relatives doorstep,then being whisked off to Asdas for groceries and being left to pay,the cashier and I just couldnt stop laughing,the Canadians were also having so much fun they didnt want to leave us.I later spotted a nun in the queue,on the belt beside her three boxes of Millars beer,you have to laugh,they actually belonged to the lady in front.We stayed until two pm,handed in our buckets then home.

Over to Lindas and Gordons for the family dinner party night,I had a great time telling all my lifetime gatherings of anedotes,they have probably heard several times before,but were still polite enoughto laugh anyway .Oh boy did Eric have one too many of the amber nectars,I fell asleep in the chair in the early hours ,well I think two late nights in a row is just getting a bit much for a person of my number of years.Stayed Sunday with Irene and Pat,and went out with Max for his halloween,he looked so cute dressed in his Buzz Lightyear costume.Going to have an early bed tonight,so I am fresh for work.Enjoy your Halloween everyone.

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Riddle me this...

Why does Sunday come so much quicker than Friday, and with disappointment instead of celebration? Seems like the weekend just flew by...

Judy, so very glad to see you have won the Tarceva lottery and have a free year. It has to be better to KNOW the "rash" is far more than a rash and there are people out there with suggestions of how to work through it. I went by the label alone on the Iressa I took, thinking "diarrhea" and "facial rash" were very minor symptoms. WTH was I thinking? :shock:

Sorry all, can't drive the keg bus for a while, settling into a new routine and trying to get settled in living. Oh yeah, and I really do need to be employed. Wonder if Zynga needs a farmer? LOL

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Good to see you here Becky. I'm sure you are busy settling into your new lifestyle. Sorry to see you go to work (but rooting for a fab job to come your way) because then you'll really be a stranger. You might even start neglecting your farm as I do from time to time.

Eric you are too funny. Just how far in years are you and how do you keep up the pace you do? People used to say I exhausted them, now you make me look like a slug lol.

Yes, too bad the weekend is done. Wait a minute, I'm retired. It doesn't matter but I am fond of recalling that saying from childhood, "Sunday is a day of rest."

Judy in KW

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