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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Rained cats and dogs after I got up this morning. I can just see a bit of light outside, not our normal early morning sun.

Yesterday was day six on Tarceva. Was surprised when Chris at MDA called me yesterday to see how I was doing. Told her I didn't have the rash yet and she said "well, don't freak out." Who me??lol

I just read the balance of Monday's Air this morning. Logged off the net and out of the computer early last evening because the side effects started kicking in. One I won't mention that starts with a d. Wasn't prepared for the intense pain that preceeded it. Of course I had my immodium on hand so no problem thru the night. I also had a quite noticeable rash oddly placed forming a v on my lower neck into my chest. Was very red when I got out of the shower but after my moisturizer, the color faded. I think there was a breach in my sunguard Sunday when I walked to Maggie to see the bunny lol. I'm doing good and just want to get thru the next few days or weeks.

Bud, I agree you should get checked out. Do you get the pneumonia shot every three years? Don't want to scare you but I walked around and worked with it once. The Doc found it when I went for my routine annual checkup. Nothing to fool with.

Libby, glad you enjoyed Halloween. We don't get trick or treaters in our neighborhood. Think the parents take them all to town where they can get a bigger haul. But Libby, you drove thru the back of the shed! Thank goodness you didn't get hurt but what a start that must have given you.

Congratulation Ann! Another grandbaby, that's great. Thanks for commiserating with me. I slept well last night. I try every now and then to get to sleep without Ativan. Most of the time it doesn't work without it. I started taking it to go to sleep pretty regularly since the last scan. I think I won't try again til taking Tarceva becomes commonplace.

Eric, it's funny that our politics are so entertaining that you watch it in Scotland. Not funny ha ha, funny pathetic. No offense taken here. I subscribe to the Key West Citizen to follow the tomfoolery.

Judy in KW

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Good morning,

It is currently 28 degrees with a high of 51 today. Winter is on its way!! Judy you are up bright and early. I sure hope that you will overcome all the side affect within a couple of weeks. Yeah, driving the mower through the back of the shed was a blast, woke me up. It is an old wood one, not a big deal hammered some boards on :lol:

Ann, congrats on your new grandkid. How exicitng...

Off to work I go. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 53 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 62. Rain is supposed to move in this afternoon, so I drove to work.

Judy, sorry you're having to deal with the side effects of Tarceva, but they say the rash means that it's working, so I'm thinking that's a good thing.

Judy and Libby, there is nothing doctors can do for bronchitis, other than giving the guaifenesin that I'm already taking. You don't need a prescription for that, and it helping you rid yourself of the phlegm is the only cure. Some doctors will give antibiotics, but it does nothing to help the phlegm, so they'll give you more antibiotics when they see no results from the first, and you just end up with all the negative stuff that antibiotics cause.

I know more about bronchitis than I care to admit because, if you use wikipedia's definition that having bronchitis more than three months in a year makes it chronic, then I had chronic bronchitis for much of my childhood. For me, guaifenesin will usually clear it up in two or three weeks, though.

Of course, fluid that stays in your lungs for too long has a nasty habit of causing pneumonia. I know this because I've had pneumonia four times from lingering bronchitis. And then the antibiotics are needed. So, if mine stays around too long, I get a fever, or the phlegm becomes too exotic a color, I'll go to the doctor and listen to his surprised diagnosis of double pneumonia (they're always surprised because most people with double pneumonia aren't able to walk in like I do; it's a strange phenomenon, having the rest of your body strong and healthy while you have pneumonia).

Is that more than you ever wanted to know about bronchitis? Have a great day, all!

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It's a beautiful day here in Richmond - even though my office is way in the back and I can't see it - I know it is cause it's Friday. I too have been having some bronchitus issues but I started taking an allergy medicine and the Mucinex DM and what a relief. I have been talking like a frog for months and it is honestly going away. I thought something messed up in my throat during one of my surgeries and it sounds like I may get my regular voice back anyway.

I am not one for exercising and this week I started a project at work to scan a lot (tons and tons) of old documents to relieve our storage area of old files. I think I have walked a million miles from my office to start the scan - to the scanner room and back to make sure all the pages got scanned and repeat. My legs are mad at me at night and want to continue walking - very restless - thank goodness for the Ambien which I just can't give up.

You are right KW Judy - where has MI Judy gone. I saw one post not so long ago where she was concerned about her "sore throat" - so I had been carefully watching for her posts. I hope she is alright.

Back to scanning.....


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Annette, sorry to hear there's another bronchitis sufferer here. It's sure no fun.

If you check the ingredients of Mucinex D, you'll see the main ingredient is guaifenesin. It's other ingredient is pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine helps clear the airways by constricting blood vessels in nasal passages. Unfortunately for me, it also constricts prostate blood vessels, having the same effect that too much caffeine has on me, that is, making me stand over the toilet for much longer than I'd like. (Is that a visual that no one needed?) So, I skip the pseudoephedrine and just buy plain guaifenesin.

The last prescription I was given for bronchitis was GFN-DM-PSE, which adds a cough suppressant to the guaifenesin and pseudoephedrine. I never did quite understand a drug that contains an expectorant to make you cough and a cough suppressant to keep you from coughing, but maybe that's why I'm not a doctor.

I hope you're better soon.

EDIT: Oops, after typing all that, I noticed that you're taking Mucinex DM, not Mucinex D. Mucinex DM skips the pseudoephedrine and just combines the expectorant with the cough suppressant........LOL. If it works for you, I guess that's all that matters.

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Ohhhh, so NOT looking forward to winter! Was up this morning to get the boy moving for school...hard frost to scrape off the windshield. Had on a mid-weather coat, a "barn coat" of corduroy with a fleece lining - and was still cold! Nope, not looking forward to the actual cold weather AT ALL.

How the project list grows...have rooms to paint and doorknobs to change and walls to mud...sheesh. Maybe I'll leave some of the fun for Larry to help with - he DID help with the first coat of primer over the weekend. Togetherness...LOL

Laundry calls, it's a non-ending thing. Finished one day and at bedtime, it begins again.

FYI, MI Judy hasn't posted on FB since 10/28...hope she's having fun, on an impromptu Caribbean vacation. Yeah, that'd be nice!

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Hey folks. Great day on the farm with clear blue skies and 48 degree's. That is a little unusual for here in November but we'll take it. Supposed to be on the plus side all week.

Sorry to hear about the Tarceva rash Judy, but if that's a sign that it is working, I guess that is a good consolation.

Libby drove through the shed on the lawn tractor ? I vote that Libby doesn't drive the Keg bus. LOL

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Started this before and lost it and I do frequently.

Bud, I wondered the same thing, how does something work to expel and suppress cough at the same time. In any case, I've been taking guaifenesin at bedtime for years. I switched to GDM because of coughing spasms when I was trying to get to sleep. The G is part of my daily allergy routine and seems to be working and I don't cough at night.

Annette, I don't envy you. I didn't have to walk and walk but shredding 10 yrs worth counseling insurance forms felt endless. It seems a thankless job until the pile is gone.

Becky, you know I feel for you and the cold you have to endure. Time to go for the Big Winter Coat. Sounds like you have some chores to do but how does one mud the wall? Tell me it's fun like slinging mud lol.

And Bruce, 48 degrees! Can you stand it lol. Bet you think you died and went to heaven.

Not to worry about my rash. It's so mild I'm thinking it should be more if the darn stuff is working. Never satisfied am I lol.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy inKW

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Hey Judy,

It's still early for the rash - takes 10-14 days quite often.

As for the D we won't talk about...sorry you got the cramps to go with it. My friend and I find that it takes about the same amount of time to pass whether or not you take Imodium, so if you are around the house anyway, you might skip it and see if there is a noticeable difference. I keep it in reserve for days I can't control my whereabouts - like airplane flights or something.

Yesterday we had record amounts of rain - today, blue sky! Yesterday, we drove what should have been 40 minutes down the freeway - it took more like 2 hours after a false start, a bank stop, and all the traffic. Bought my sweetie a new to him car (1995 Honda Civic! That's 10 years younger than the one he was driving.) for a safer ride. So today, since it is sunny out, I had to vacuum out my car so it looks almost as nice as his! I think the rest of the day will be feet up and finishing two library books.

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Evening All,

Lets forget the weather report,except to say,I am growing feathers and I noticed in the shower this morning that my feet have become webbed.Gosh what a surprise nearly all my favourite buddies are here today,except Judy MI? Yeah Judy KW,the same thought occurred to me also,bet you she is having such a wonderful time elsewhere,she hasnt found the time to post.

JudyKW,I think your Tarceva rash is just a wee bit of sunburn,so slap on the sun cream and send the sun to Scotland,you have had it long enough.Oh you are right Judy,no other country in the world does politicking like the USof A,it is so entertaining,too bad about the sacrifice of serious political debate between the parties,to be replaced with a good soundbite.

Bud-just reading your postings,are you sure you dont have a Doctorate in Medicine?.You sure impressed me with your comments.

Bruce-Always a pleasure to hear from you,methinks I would appreciate a bit more effort in posting thank you,mind you,you do have a farm to run,Llamas,Horses and all,early morning starts.

no doubt. I really hope you are enjoying your new life style.

Becky- The new Mrs Snowflake welcome home,I see the nesting instinct has effected you with all the home improvements you are doing.My congratulations again,and wishing lots and lots of happy healthy,wealthy years ahead.You know,I believe lots of us here would love to share some insights into your absence here over the last coupla weeks,now mind you I am not one of these nosey people who is itching to know how the honeymoon went and all,I was more reflecting for the benefit of the other nosey buddies here.OK I admit it,its me all along that wants to know,where did you go,did you have a good time,did you get a good suntan,or instead,some good ideas on ceiling decoration?

On the home front,I have a problem-one, I gave a Lecture to my third year students last June, about turning up for their graduation ceremony at Glasgow University on Saturday,most students dont attend because they think its not Macho,I told them attending is not for themselves,its about the pride their parents,siblings,relatives and friends get seeing you getting your award,and the hospitality shared afterwards,I also told them for the first time in 38 years I will join the academic parade in my robes.Well it seems I have stuck a raw nerve with my students and most if not all are going to attend.Problem as well as being allocated direction duty for the guests,I have as some of you may be aware,signed up for the "Christianity Explored" course in my Baptist Church.As I had mentioned here they are going on a weekend trip to Dumfries from Friday to Sunday,I never realised until today that both events clash?what on earth can I do?.I thought about trying to fit in both.Coming up to Glasgow on Saturday morning from Dumfries (a 2 hour drive ) and returning after the graduation which will finish about noon.Or not go to either the Graduation or to Dumfries which would you do?I think Ross the Minister would be really disapointed if I dont show,but so would my Students,since we have been great friends for the last three years,also their parents will probably be in attendance.Any suggestions would be appreciated.See you later everybody.

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Eric. my dear, there is no question you MUST go to the graduation. I was administrator of an off-campus college program here some years ago. I also taught when I couldn't get hold of a Psyc prof for very low pay. I loved my students like they were my children and I think they liked me too as I am sure is the case with yours. You really can't let them down after a speech like that. The minister Ross will get over his disappointment and perhaps the ladies will be more focused on the discussions lol.

Judy in KW

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I agree completely with Judy KW. You really must attend the graduation and the parade. After the "talking to" you gave your students, it would be terrible if you did not attend.

I think we need to send you a date calendar, you are too popular and double book. I guess that is the price to pay for being such an entertaining fellow.


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