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Friday's Air


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Well, since this is my favorite day of the week, I thought I'd jump in, open the windows and let the "AIR" begin to flow.

The fiasco at the hospital ended late yesterday afternoon after police found that the gunman had killed himself. Other than the gunman, no one was injured. This guy had worked in the cafeteria for a couple of years and had recently been terminated. He was having a multitude of problems....behind on rent....apartment flooded last week....illness in family....so he just lost it. Apparently he had a breakdown in the property manager's office and from there he got his gun and went to the hospital. His targeted victim was the cafeteria manager that fired him. Apparently he fired two shots at him but attempted to harm no one else. Funny thing was that I recognized the guy from the news photos. He worked the grill and I've ordered from him several times. He was always nice and friendly but very he seemed quiet and reserved.

What I had to tell you from yesterday was this. Not sure if I told you this before...can't remember. Some of you may remember that my middle son, Matt, had an accident several months ago and fractured his hand very badly. He had surgery and had a slow, yet successful, recovery. Well, his ortho surgeon has an office in the PB Hospital. One morning, before an appointment, I received a frantic call from a friend. She's a really neat person that I have known for over 20 years now and she is very "special" and "blessed" in her ability to see and know things some of us don't. She told me that she has only had about three "visions" during her life and they all came true...just as she had "seen" them. She asked me to be very cautious while I was around the hospital, as she had a vision of a gunman at the the hospital. You can believe that I took her seriously. I can remember staring out the window of that 2nd floor office, watching for any sign of movement on the roof. Of course, she also told me that she had no sense of time as to when this might happen. Well, when this happened yesterday, I almost fell out of my chair. He first call I made was to her. She hadn't heard the news and she started to cry, saying the ability to sometimes foresee these things is not a fun thing. Funny thing is that she had told the police about her vision....wonder if they remember?

OK...back to normal life....whatever that is. It's FRIDAY and it's so nice and cool here. No rain today and the high is supposed to be 69....YooHoo!!! I actually wore a sweater to work this morning. Tonight, we'll go to the Post for a nice meatloaf dinner and then tomorrow it's shopping for Ella's 4th birthday party on the 13th. I also have to practice making a three tiered Fancy Nancy cake. Ella is so into Fancy Nancy this year. If any of you don't know who she is, do a google search for her and I think you'll get a smile.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!


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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 34 degrees as I rode to work this morning. I wore my jacket and balaclava for the first time this fall. Forecast high is 64.

Ann, I'm glad your nearby gunman situation didn't turn into as big a disaster as it could have.

I got an email from Bernie Mack, from KLUV radio, yesterday. He's one of two lung cancer survivors at KLUV, which is giving some great media coverage to this year's DFW Walk for LUNGevity. He wants to interview me next week on his morning radio show.

It's a little more than six hours until I'm off for the weekend. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning,

I am glad to hear Judy in MI is ok and everyone also found Muriel. It is amazing how our minds have us worrying. Bud I just cant believe the Temps in the morning and you are still riding that bike with being sick? I give you a lot of credit. Glad to here you are getting a lot of media coverage for the DFW walk. Have a great interview, you represent Lungevity well :D I wish I cold fly there and walk!

Judy in KW I sure hope you start sleeping better soon. I can relate to not getting adequate sleep. It can really wear you down and become very frustrating. Hang in there life will begin to get back to normal soon, just give it time. Hope you have a great day and weekend.

Eric are you growing any more feathers and how are those webbed feet. You had me ROF laughing the other day. I really enjoyed all the pictures you have posted, it is beautiful country their, I may have to visit one day.

Ann your hospital story is frightening. I always wonder what sets people off. Look at what we have all been through and we are not running around shooting people in fits of anger :lol: Enjoy shopping for your Ella's birthday and trying to make the 3 tiered fancy nancy cake. I would never be able to do it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am going up north to the cottage to lolly gag around, (hopefully do nothing!!).


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