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The Flight


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Well I'm back home in one piece and non the worse for wear. The heart is ticking as though nothing untoward happened.

Yesterday morning we arrived at the flight venue which is part of a very busy airport just outside Johannesburg namely Rand Airport.

We were met by a very charming security lady who admitted us onto the air side. As we arrived an old Harvard was starting up and then it took off. I met the hanger staff who showed us around and "the plane". Now it does not look like much but you can see its meant for stunt bussiness.

The plane was pushed onto the apron and checked for flight.

The harvard landed after about 30 minutes and the pilot and passenger got out. The passenger was elderly and the pilot later informed me that he was 79 years old.

Anyway the same pilot was to fly my aircraft as well.

We got the necessary paperwork done and did a casual brief of what the flight would be like.

I got a helmet complete with earphones and the pilot informed me that he had to wear a parachute but there was no room for me to wear one, looks like the passenger is expendable.

We kitted up and I got into the aircraft and was securely fastened in and the helmet put on.

The pilot put on HIS PARACHUTE and helmet, strapped himself in and then did t he necessary things before starting the engine.

The canopy was closed and we started taxiing to the start of the runway. We lifted off and gained height. As there was a lot of cloud about the pilot had to look for a clear area where we could start the maneuvers.

We arrived at a suitable point and he said here we go left and the fun started. There were a series of violent turns and then it was straight up until the aircraft stalled then it was straight down with a sharp pull out some barrel rolls and a few that I cant name.

Now for the sensations, you are pulling 5-6 G's then you are weightless hanging in the harness.

To prevent the blood rushing to the legs and arms and causing a possible black out all the muscles must be tensed especially the stomach.

All too soon it was time to return to the airport. We did a low level flight back and landed safely welcomed by my wonderful family.

After disembarking and thanks all round we went to a restuarant at the main airport building and spent most of the afternoon there.

This weekend has left me very happy and a lot more relaxed. I feel as if there is some closure as this present was from the heart of the family and Pat was part of it. I am sure she was there with me all the way and enjoying it as much as I did. She was always very excited when she gave me any present,

I am planning another flight and I think this time it will e better as I know whats going to happen and the pilot might not have to be worried that I wont be able to take the forces on the body

Hope you all enjoyed the story

Ronnie :D

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Hi Ronnie,

Did I enjoy the story?hey I have read it several times and it was so well described I am feeling airsick,what a buzz.

Thanks for sharing,I am glad you enjoyed the flight as much as I got from reading about it.Hear from you soon Ronnie,I hope,well done you.

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