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Morning All! Still little cool at 67 degrees but bright and sunny. The temps they've laid out for us the rest of the week look great. It might only stay in the 70's today but 80-82 after that. My PERFECT temps.

Only took a couple of hours to get to sleep last night. And Bud I did try counting crappie bass. Got too involved though as I couldn make up my mind to use lures or live bait lol.

Bruce, you do know I have llamas on my FB virtual farm. Seriously, I do. When you "harvest" them, you get money for their fur or hair--whatever it's called. Never saw one spit though.

Am watching my diet for foods I'm not supposed to eat today because of allergies. Have been pretty bad there and want to see if it helps settle my stomach.

Going to try to get some work done in the office today. Then if I feel up to it, I'll go to group. Haven't called Loreen yet cause I'm not at all sure.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning friends. It's a nice, cool, sweater weather kind of morning here on Florida's Space Coast. Judy's temps are just a bit warmer than mine, since she's a few hours south. I love this weather and I love the fact that Monday has passed. I have a few really slammed work days ahead, so I'm hoping the work days will speed by. I actually made it through the first work day of the new time change without the usual difficulty. Hope it continues.

Judy, how many crappies did you count before you gave up? Just wondering how many people we can invite to your virtual fish fry in Key West? Sounds like fun to me. I do like the idea of crappie counting. I never could get into counting sheep...too easily distracted by all that baaaaaaaaaahing noise.

Who else is watching Dancing with the Stars this season? I didn't watch last season, as I just couldn't seem to connect with any of the stars but this season, I'm glued to the tv. When the competition began, I was a 100% Kurt Warner fan but after a couple of nights, my loyalty swung to Jennifer Gray and Derrick. Poor Kurt, I still love him (he's a hunk) but he's not going to make it to the finals, unless he has a HUGE football fan base that are voting. I think it's going to be a Jennifer vs Brandy final. What does everyone think? I just hope that poor Bristol Palin heads back to Alaska tonight. She is obviously very uncomfortable in this role and I feel very bad for her.

I read on Facebook that Lillian is now in Louisiana with her family. Here's hoping spend many happy hours with your wonderful family, Lil.

Speaking of Facebook, how many of you are on Facebook?

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 54 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 76, and it's a big south wind again today, so it will be a tough ride home, just like yesterday.

Judy, as much trouble as you have losing posts, have you thought about using a text editor like Notepad or Wordpad to write your posts, then just copy and paste them here? I've always done that with my longer ride report posts on the cycling forums. I just keep a throwaway file for holding today's post, save the file every paragraph or two while I'm typing it, then if things go wrong when you copy and paste to the forum, it only takes a second to do it again. I hope you feel better today and get to enjoy group tonight.

I forgot to mention that on Saturday, we received the title to Rose's car in the mail. She had sent the last payment last month. I'm only a few months from paying my truck off, too. Then, we'll have two paid for vehicles and a paid for house. I was trying to remember the last time that was true for me. Can you say NEVER?

Bruce, the fish have moved here since the weather started getting cooler. I'm not catching anywhere near as many as I did all summer, but the ones I catch have been really big. I had two on Sunday that I was certain were over two pounds, which is really big for a crappie, but when I dug out my scale and weighed one, it just went 1 lb 13 oz, so I guess my eyeballs have gotten out of calibration. I only brought home seven fish on Sunday, but they fed the four of us, plus lunch for me Monday, plus left some for the freezer. That's big crappie.

My KLUV Radio interview is scheduled for Thursday morning at 7:00 am. Have a great day, all!

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The ice fog is really bad here today. Had to drive to town this morning and you couldn't see 20 feet in front of you. Everyone was going 30 mph and had there emergency flasher's on.

Well Judy i think that makes you the person with the most knowledge on Llama's so I know who I'm calling. LOL

Bud that is alot of eating from 1 day's fishing. I don't really like eating the fish, maybe 1 meal a year, but always nice to have a few to give to friends after a day out. I think our estimate gets a little off as we get older. You're 2 lb crappie is really 1lb 3 ounces and my 2 foot long trout gets longer each year. LOL If measured it may be only 1 1/2 feet.

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It's a cool gorgeous day here in Richmond - sigh - work way in the back and no windows.

Ann - I am watching DWTS and I totally agree with you. I was a huge Dirty Dancing fan so I tilted toward Jennifer from the start but as far as the men Kurt was the best this year. I think you are right it will be Brandi and Jennifer and I think that Kyle will make it to the third spot. There was just something about his "entertainment" value over and above his marked improvement over the season that made him the "favorite" underdog so to speak.

I am also a facebook addict. I have given up a few games but I go back now and then I stick right now to Farmville and Cafe World since my mom just started playing. She drives me crazy calling to send her this and that but I think the "socializing" is good for her she is looking for friends since those games want you to have so many friends to get better things.

I'm originally from Texas so I'm not much of a "fish" person. And even though I know I should exercise I have decided that Bud exercises enough for both of us.

He also had an excellent idea for Judy in KW about typing her things in Notepad and copying them. I never thought of that - my lost posts are usually seat-to-keyboard errors (yep my own fault).

Anyway have a great rest of the day,


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Evening All,

Not supposed to be here just now,there were five of us turned up for the four man bowling squad.I was really poor playing last week,my buddies have the memory of an elephant,so I timidly and quietly suggested maybe I could drop out to-night,it was quickly and riotously reinforced with shouts of encouragement,oh are you sure Eric,thats blooming well decent of you,sure you dont mind?right lads lets get on with the game,good night Eric,dont you just love them all?

Weather?dont mention the weather,think I will turn it off until the spring.I really think I was born for Florida or Texas,but the blooming stork bringing me had no sense of direction and dropped me off in Scotland.Well I suppose the gulf stream does keep us a wee bit warmer than Bruce,but I rather hve Floridas temps right now,move over Judy.

Bad news the TVs in the blink since yesterday,its cable TV screen just reads no signal,even worse,I put in a DVD to play through the TV last night in my home movie soundbox thingy,it played for about an hour then suddenly stopped.Had difficulty in getting the DVD to eject,subsequent DVDs I have installed the screen says no file?blooming heck.Its not that I am bothered,but it is serious,it means Sally dosnt have her soaps to watch or anything else for that matter,so my absence up here posting,means I have become very noticable downstairs,lifes not easy sometimes,OK I know I have been getting away with murder with the time I spend online,cannot wait until Thursday when the repair man comes.I you do notice my postings a bit shorter after tonight,youll know why,OK you lot take that smile off your faces this is not funny.

Oh remember the reporter guy Hector Cairns I met on the SS Sir Walter Scott on Loch Katrine when I was in the Trossachs?well he emailed me his story to-night,he interweaved me and my link with LUNGevity into his bio-fuels angle for a cleaner environment its two full pages and in colour too.Guess what old big head has a photo of his mug occupying page two.I will still be able to sign autographs for you on request(only one per household please).I emailed Ned a copy for infro on how to send it in here,so hopefully you can get a read at it soon.

Bud,you being on air at 7.00am on Thursday I will be twiddlying with my knobs at 1.00am.(I am talking about my radio and adjusting it to KLUV station,oh you lot have some minds).Lets face it Bud along with Donnie we really are stars of the media arent we?.Talking about Donnie,I havent seen or heard of him for ages?Does anyone know what he is up to recently?Donnie do us a favour,please can you drop by?.It will be great to know you are doing OK.

Bruce,thanks for your post,just reading about your ice fog conditions,I suddenly feel I am in Florida.Hope your lake ice thickens up soon to be able to fish.I am amazed that you are not a regular fish eater,with the quality of fishing available in your area,what a shame,can I send you my address to pass on your catch?Wrap up warm Bruce,see you later.

I have just received some brochures from Amtrak,I may have a oppertunity to tour America next year,after a lifetime of driving on the wrong side of the road,I dont feel up to driving in America and facing the ire of Americans,just cos I drifted into their lane when travelling in the other direction.I think Amtrak may be the best way for me to travel,means I can blether to every American I meet,and enjoy their company,need to figure a route where I can bump into as many of you as possible,that is if you dont all take to the hills when I arrive.Its early yet in deciding, its all up to Aunt Nora.

Goodnight everyone,thanks for putting my night in when I have no Telly.Byeee.

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Greetings from Tennessee! I'm here for a week visiting my daughter, who has a hilltop house several miles south of Nashville. Our son flew here with me from Hawaii, and the other daughter drove down from Michigan. Granddaughter, who is about to graduate from Michigan State, will be here Thursday, so we're having a nice reunion. Wife stayed in Hawaii with Rosie, but I did get to see ex-wife (mother of the two daughters) for the first time in probably 40 years. Take care, all!



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