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Morning All! 72 degrees and sunny this morning. My body definitely feels the difference in the sixties and seventies. It will probably be chilly for me every night and morning in PSL.

I missed bopping in and out like I usually do yesterday. My email notices weren't happening and don't know why. I could on them to keep me up to date most days.

Bud, I did pick up on the fish's weight loss. I actually went back to your post to check because my original thought was that was pretty close to your guess--3 oz off is darn good.

Bruce, don't spend too much time outdoors and do watch that back. Anything you need to know about llamas, just ask lol.

Ann, sorry about you missing the parade. I thought businesses always celebrated Veterans Day on a Monday? Guess I'm losing it.

Started the rash last night. Just on my nose and not too bad so far. Went to sleep thinking ts could be right. All my efforts could be for naught. Still my skin isnt dry yet--just my lips and, like Ned, the tips of my fingers. Sorry I missed wishing Ned a bon voyage on the 9th. Loved the pic Ned. My son did his doctorate in Oakland TN and my husband and I loved that country and wished they'd settled there. It a lovely change of scenes when you live in the tropics. We do have beautiful scenery but it's just different.

Time is flying. Soon I'll be leaving so got to go. Tons of work to do.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 63 degrees with fog and mist as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 76.

I did the radio interview this morning and didn't stutter too badly. It was fun. I was expecting to have to tell them all about myself before going on the air, but they had done their research and knew my story. It's exciting to see the walk get some media coverage this year.

I had forgotten about it being Veterans Day. I should be in the parade downtown rather than here working, don't you think?

Have a great day, all!

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Well it is a bright, sunny morning here but a very crisp -18 degree's. Just spent 30 minutes outside seeing to the animals and can certainly feel it on the cheeks. Supposed to get up to -3 by this afternoon and around the freezing mark all weekend. The time of the year when you begin planning your next day's activities based on the temps. Indoor activities in the AM and outside in the PM.

Judy I hope the rash doesn't get too bad.

Congratulations Bud on your interview. It can be a little nerve wrecking but once it is over you certainly feel good that you stepped up and did something. I know that Eric does alot of media work on L/C so maybe you can include that on your Texas bike ride....well once Eric gets a little more practice in. LOL

Take care everyone and remember all those veteran's today.

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I'm just coming out of another bout of something crappy. Went from wondering if I ought to find a job Friday to not getting out of bed Monday and Tuesday (except to see the doc.) Well, I wasn't eating much the last 3 days so my dream this morning shouldn't surprise me, but I thought it was kind of funny / strange.

It was some time in the future, with terrible food shortages and people holed up in encampments hoarding what they had. Along the road comes a well fed man with a bear on a leash. Following along behind were a gaggle of children, all well fed and laughing and playing. The people looking out were surprised to see such a parade. Finally someone blurted out "He keeps the bear to scare people into giving him whatever he wants, and he keeps the children to feed the bear!"

Okay, that was really pretty macabre, but it prompted me to eat breakfast this morning! It's been a rough week. M's Mom died Tuesday - she was 91 and pretty much just stopped breathing after a few days of not eating, and a few months of being unresponsive to most anything. I never knew her fully functioning, but she was an interesting woman from the stories I've heard.

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