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Good Morning Everyone, Just about 6.30am,thought Id take a few minutes to post in before off to work,not the best morning to set off in I would rather go back to bed,despite the double glazing and all windows closed I can still hear the wind howling outside,think there were gale warnings on TV last night,lots of rain over the few days,some areas in Glasgow,lots of surface water to carefully drive through on our roads.

I was out last night,still continuing with the Christainity Explored course,we all share a meal first,and a good blether,the company is really friendly,doing my best but I still find my old hangups difficult to move away from,but I really enjoy the debates.

Wonder how Judy MI is doing,cant get Donnie out of my thoughts,hope he will drop by even just to give an assurance he is doing OK,I suppose this to be expected,and we shouldnt read too much into someone not posting for a while,there are many reasons for this and probably nothing to be concerned about,buddies just taking some time out for a little while.

Talking about buddies,what about that that well known radio celebrity Bud from Crowley Texas,remember him? he is such a big star now,hope he will still post in? well done Bud,despite me twiddling with my radio knobs,I never managed to pick up your station,must be something to do with the way the wind is blowing,did anyone tape the interview?

The entire UK,stopped in their tracks yesterday,at eleven am for two minutes silence,in remembering all the soldiers who have lost their lives in conflicts since 1918,it is amazing to see such a complete response from the Nation,makes you proud to be a Brit.

Sorry love to continue,but got to dash,catch up with you later,byeee.

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Morning All! Eric was lamenting the fact that his Fri Air got attached to Thursday. So since I am a moderator I decided to fix it for him. Apparently, you can't move a thread to another thread on the same forum.

I'm pretty much out of time now since I started on short time frame. I've already lost this post twice. Have lost this post twice now so will try to get back later. Have work to do for Stan in the computer and have to get to town within a short window for my long overdue pneumonia shot. They only give them once a week.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy,

I have even worse news for you,since we have changed places,you have my second year class for scaled technical drawing,for three hours today starting at 1.15pm,its Ok I have left a the lesson materials on my desk in my office,just ask Bill and he will pass them on to you.If Thomas Kilpatrick is late again this afternoon,tell him from me he is in it up to his neck when I get back.

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LOL. I'm still around Eric and since I was a substitute teacher for years, I'll give it a shot. I'll just remember the time when I subbed for a big muscular physical education teacher. Think I said something like "grab you equipment guys and I'll meet you on the field." Think that will work?

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 63 degrees when I got up this morning, with light rain. Forecast is for a high of 74, with more rain, then a cold front coming in this evening.

I've ridden to work the other four days this week and just decided to drive today. I'm going to try and get in a few miles on my bike tomorrow, before and after the walk, since they're calling for rain again Sunday.

LOL, it's a lively crew this morning. Y'all have fun sorting it all out. The countdown until my weekend starts is at 6 1/2 hours. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all,

Sounds like a fun start for you Judy this morning. I sure hope the nausea completely goes away and your energy level increases for you. I think you do a lot for someone who is not feeling up to par....I will keep that in mind when I am sitting in my own self pity :D

Bud, Congrats on your interview not so bad once you do it. I am not a public speaker and would probably shut down if I had to talk :lol: It is great that you had media coverage.....

Eric thank god the stork didn't drop you by Bruce's you would be real cold there. Hey look forward to your trip to America. If you are taking Amtrak I am sure you will do the Chicago area, if so I will take a ride and visit with you and your family. My daughter is going to Germany in June. She will stay with the exchange student that we hosted last month. She will stay in Hamsburg for 8 days with that family and then visit, Dresden, Oberammergan, Berchtesgaden, Salzburg and Munchen. That is a lot to visit but was told the train runs everywhere, they will be there 3 weeks. I am jelous I want to go.

Raining her also today. I think it is going to rain for a couple of days. Yesterday I got sick at work and went to DR. Today feeling much better. Had pain in my ear, was told it was TMJ (take these pills and call me in the morning) not much I can do. Today going to my daughters school and a couple of hours at work, then done. Hurray the weekend is almost here.


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