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Saturdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

This is my third attempt to post in,after I press the submit button,the post just sits there and fades until it disappears into the ether?Not having a good week with things going wrong,TVs now repaired but not my home movie DVD box,still wont play,had a puncture on the way home last night from work,least it wasnt raining when I changed the tyre.

Thanks Judy for your efforts in sorting the post out yesterday,did the class behave themselves?.Weather this morning bright sunshine for a change,though some clouds hanging about,go on with you,away to Florida,youve been around here long enough.

Thanks to the boss(katieb)I got to hear Buds radio interview,as a popular gameshow host here in the UK would say "Didnt he do well"thanks Bud you did us proud and getting LUNGevity a great boost,hope your walk today raises oodles of cash for such a worthy cause,think you deserve a gong,plus my nomination for member of the month,sorry no cash prize,the honour is enough.

Dont know if you got this story on your news,but did you hear about the brother and sister who share a house to-gether,they were clearing out their loft and discovered a small Chinese vase,they thought it may be worth a few hundred pounds so they took it to their local auctioneer,who investigated its provenance,and told them it is probably worth £1,000,000 smackeroonies,so it was put up for auction and it went for wait for it-£43,000,000 plus a sellers fee to the auctioneer £7,000,000,so get into your loft everyone see what you could come up with.

Hi Libby,why I am thinking ducks just now?,you are right imagine being dropped off at Bruces mid-winter,there isnt enough wool I could get off his Llamas,that would keep me warm enough to survive,guess Brace is made of sterner stuff.What good news to hear of your daughter going off to Germany next summer,she will really enjoy the experience,I have never been there-yet-would love to visit the places she will see,Mozarts home in Salzburg? for one.My visit to America is not yet assured,Aunt Nora,passed away recently and Sally and I have been named as equal beneficiaries in her will,the closing of her estate will take some time,so fingers crossed it will assist in funding a trip of a lifetime to the USofA,since my dx I have decided to enjoy every single day to the full,we just never know what to-morrow will bring,I can assure you Libby meeting you in Chicago will be a great pleasure to me,so its in in my travel plan,now where else should I go,fancy seeing some dinosaur fossils in Montana would you believe>Please everyone dont take to the hills if I arrive,I promise I wont turn up on your door step with my suitcases and say "Feed me please".

Oh the Roy Castle LC Winter Ball is coming up on the 26th of Nov,so I am going into Slaters in Glasgow to find a suitable Tuxedo(Hire only)you know I may even go for a kilt ensomble,sure you you like the see my short hairy legs,wouldnt you?.Maybe Cliff Richard will turn up?wouldnt that be something else?boyhood dream achieved.Have a great Saturday everyone,hope this post will actually arrive,here goes -click?.....

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Morning All! Just can't believe it's Saturday again. That's because time is running out on me. I'll be leaving in ten days to leave for the mainland to stay three weeks again. I'm missing my home already.

Checked out new views this morning and followed Katie's directions and heard Bud's radio spot. So glad I didn't miss it. He did a great job. Libby, I had a young client once that told me about the train travel in Europe. Always wanted to do it. Glad for your daughter, very exciting. Stan's talking about a train trip into Canada--that will work for me as long as it isn't winter. Watch out Bruce, we may be coming one of these days.

Off to get something done. Wendy and Dom will be here on Friday for that early Thanksgiving so I need to have so of my packing done early.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

P.S. Bud, did my copy/paste again. Think I'll try to remember to do it all the time for the Air.

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Nice balmy -12 here this morning. I'll save the Llama wool Eric in case you do venture North if you happen to get a few extra penny's.

Judy I've wanted Stan to visit the great white north for a fishing trip for a couple year's now. I'm sure you both would enjoy a cross Canada train ride. Maybe Stan could help me shear the Llama's to get the wool for Eric and you could tend to the chick's.

Eric I had to read the last paragraph of your post a second time. On my first read I misunderstood and got the idea that showing off your short, hairy legs was a boyhood dream. LOL It did start my day off with a good laugh though.

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Good Afternoon,

It is raining and 45 degrees here. Not very motivated about going anywhere today I think the weather is making me sluggish. Judy I hope your trip goes well. I would not like to leave my home for 3 weeks especially if the weather is cooler..New Technology isnt it fun :!:

Eric save me some wool just in case I take a trip:) Bruce will have to have more baby Llama's to cloth all of us... LOL Eric if you are going to show off those legs you better shave :lol: Have fun tuxedo shopping.


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Good evening, everyone!

It was 45 degrees with a howling north wind when I got up this morning. It didn't get a lot warmer, although the wind did eventually settle down somewhat.

It was a great turnout at the walk. I'll have to wait to hear the final fund raising total from Katie, but it was a lot more this year. Not too surprisingly, KLUV was the top fund raising team.

I rode 14 miles on the River Legacy Park path before the walk and before it got crowded this morning, then did another 20 miles near DFW Airport afterward.

It's supposed to get down to 36 degrees tonight, so it will be a chilly start to my visit with the crappie in the morning.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Good Late Afternoon Everyone,

Gosh the boards are quiet today Judy,just thee and me?.Beautiful sunny day today,thats more like it and quite mild to boot.Nearing 5.00pm darkness totally set in.

At ABC this morning,guest preacher from Birmingham down south,gosh he knew how to capture and hold and audience,I really enjoyed listening to him,think churches would be fuller if there were more like him?

Went into Glasgow today to visit Slaters,I looked at a wide range of tuxedos and evening wear of all types,some you would have had to put a gun to my head to wear,are these tailors serious,anyway I spotted this beautiful kilt ensomble,its in a blue theme,the tartan is called Bannockburn,very apt for me,since my love of Robert the Bruce,so I tried it on,you know does this happen to anyone else when you go into a tailors or clothes shop the minute you cross their threshold you put on two stones in weight? (sorry 28lbs)well I tried on the kilt,waistcoat and jacket and looked in the mirror,why was I born so handsome I thought,when the tailor quippes to his asistant -sold to the little guy with the short hair legs,yeah thanks buddy,I was just enjoying my fantasy.Anyway Ive got to go back a week on Wednesday for a complete fitting,pretty good arrangement,you can return it up to Monday following week.

Hi Judy,the brochures I received from Amtrak,shows that they also have destinations in Canada,maybe we could all drop in on Bruce,give him a hand with the farm,shearing sheep, Llamas,dont think they shear cows do they?Did you hear the one about the guy who wasnt very bright starting up a animal farm,well he started simply with chickens after a week,they are all dead, he phones the supplier,to tell them,mystified the supplier suggests trying sheep,after a week the guy phones again,the sheep have all died,exasperated the supplier suggests cows,being the easiest to look after,surely nothing can go wrong with looking after cows,however after a week the guy calls back,yes youve guessed it the cows are all dead,what on earth are you doing to all these animals the supplier asks,its only a suggestion says the guy but do you think I am planting them too close together?.

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