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Getting ready for the DFW Walk


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We had 105 event day registrations- last yr we only had a handful!

Over 400 people in attendance (we had HALF that last yr)

& we raised $37,000 -that's $17k ABOVE our 1st goal & $7k OVER our 2nd goal.

Thank u to the ladies who stood by my side today, all participants, all sp...onsors & ♥ to friends & family.

Our guardian angels were watching out for us today.

I thought alot about my parents today, my friends who are no longer with us...and my friend Connie who I wish was here and I wish I could call her and tell her all about today because she was supporting my efforts and had planned to join me at this years walk..

Maybe she saw us. I hope so.

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Katie what a grand day you had. Your numbers have jumped so much, it really is a wonderful feeling isn't it to know that people are starting to hear about the walk and telling other people.

Your guardian angels were watching over you, as they always are, you've made them very proud of everything you do.

Congratulations Katie, another successful walk in DFW. :D:D


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Hi Katie,

By jings,your boundless energy and enthuiesism,shines everyday,$37,000? for one day's walk?thats just brill,well done you,Bud, KLUV and all the other participants and contributers.I am sure Connie was looking in on you,heres to next years event,cheers.

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