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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 45 degrees with a howling north wind when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 65, but I don't think it's going to get that warm. The forecasters have been pretty consistent lately about calling for a temperature 5 to 10 degrees warmer than it actually gets.

I drove to work. I have to take off early to meet the IRS at my house. They want to inspect the manufacturing facilities of any new business that will be paying fishing tackle excise tax. I'll show them my desk. It should be fun.

Have a great day, all!

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Afternoon All! Warming up down here. Have the doors open but forgot to turn the AC switch off. Stan heard it come on so no problem. Just the signal we're warming up.

Bud, I can't believe the IRS is worrying themselves over your home business. But Haliburton and other corps can continue to steal us blind. Oh. well. Let us know how it goes, o.k. It will probably be good for a laugh.

Sweet-talked the man into us going into town together again. Just means I get dropped of at the door and don't have to look for a parking place. Had to go get labs for my apptmt on Thursday. Then we went to the grocery store. No big deal but I came home and ran around getting some things done and am tired now.

Stephanie, you know I don't cook much anymore but today am reminded why. My taste in food has changed so much over the years and the things I like to do, Stan definitely would not like. He had leftover plain shells from the stuffed shells he made a few days ago. I put them briefly in very hot water so I could stuff them. I cooked fresh spinach with sea salt, garlic and red pepper flakes and added goat cheese. Just let the cheese melt, stuffed the shells and nuked for 30 sec. What a yummy lunch and quick too!

Watched Avatar on the TV last night. It's the kind of movie I would have gone to see with Jim when he was still with us. It was good, I thought, but I could just imagine it on the big screen. Never mind in 3D!

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon,

It is currently 48 degrees here and going down to 34 degrees by 7 pm. Not looking forward to that! We just had new heating unit put in yesterday, hope we can save some money our old one was 25 years old.

Judy glad to see the weather is warming up for you in the keys. I did get some rest this weekend, that rainy day helped to keep me in and I just watched TV a read most of the day. Did go to Wedding Saturday night had lots of fun! Avatar is supposed to be a great movie; I bet in 3D it would be awesome. You’re stuffed shells sound yummy (I like the easy part).

Bud what on earth? Why would they even bother with something so small? Crazy isn’t it. Hope they will not pick at things to vigorously. Like Judy said they have to get the small business to pay for the large Corporations tax evasion and corruption. Hope it all goes well for you.

Have a great afternoon and Eric have a nice evening:)


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Evening All,

Weather today,lets see?well overcast last night so no frost to scrape from my car,isnt front and rear windscreen heating pure luxury.I think it was cloudy mild all day today,get so wrapped up in work I dont really notice whats the weathers doing.

Actually just in,great news, our team has just won our second game in the indoor bowls league,ok so we are are back to bottom spot in the bottom league,but dont they say its the competing that counts?we won 11-10 so I couldnt have been more exciting on the last end,I even have a wee dram of Whyte and Mackay to celebrate,just the one mind.Oh I am easily pleased.

Bud I hope you can forgive me,it was really me who tipped off the IRS to pay you a visit,I happened to say your turnover was over a million smackeroonies,and you werent? declaring it on your tax returns,honest, I didnt think they would take me seriously for a minute,oh they are a suspicious and devious lot arent they,If you cannot pay the fine,try and get your sentence suspended until the summer and I can visit you in jail when I arrive?wouldnt that be nice?Hope we can still be friends?

Judy,well if you havent had the pleasure of tasting haggis,I havent even heard of stuffed shells?sounds awfully good for you,thats probably why they are a mystery to me,spinach,peppers and goats cheese,definately one for my vegetarian daughter.if you could explain your recipe,I will prepare it for Jennifer on her next visit just to show off I am a cultured chef (actually beans on toast is about my stretch).

Just about 9.30pm,better get downstairs and introduce myself to Sally,it has been a while since we last met LOL.Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.Hope to see you tomorrow,God willing

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Stuffed PASTA shells, you funny man. That sounds good Judy. I made homemade mac n cheese last night so I could take half of it to my brother and sil. She tumbled down the stairs in her home last week and broke her arm, and is bruised and scraped from ankle to eye. Mild concussion too. Took them ham and lentil soup as well.

If you can see Avatar on a big screen and in 3-D, it is worth it.

Last week was tough - my Dad went to the ER after hiting his head on a doorjamb (falling), my cooties came back and put me out for 3 days, and my partner's Mom passed away. I think I already wrote all that. So much for the lightness of the air.

Big windstorm last night - lights and net flickered, but we didn't lose 'em.

Bud - don't forget to hide evidence of elves and fairies from the IRS. You must have some working around there to have a business on top of a job!

Eye on Thursday - heading out for two weeks. Hall pass will be needed.

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Hi Stephanie,

PASTA SHELLS?, DOH!!!! My brain was away off in a tangent,along the lines of clams, scallops and oysters,sorry about that,enjoy your wee break Steph'

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