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Hasta la vista amigos!


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We're headed for some relaxation time in Mexico. A few degrees of warmth will be welcome as well (slight snow prediction for the PNW this weekend!) Staying away from the border and the beaches (and the laetrile clinics). Old colonial towns for some lazy days.

See you in early December.

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Home safe and sound, filled with memories of warm, sunny days, colonial towns, great food, gracious people, and memorable meetings. We met a number of US citizens who have moved and enjoy a high quality of life in their new residences. Everywhere we went, we felt welcome and safe.

We visited Guadalajara, Guanajuato (a magical city), Morelia (even symphony concerts are free!), and Tlaquepaque. First class buses between cities are more comfortable that coach aircraft, inexpensive, and allowed us to see some of the vast countryside. Herds of goats, cows, horses, cornfields, greenhouses, lakes like mirrors, bell towers, birds, cactus, pines, and oaks, burros, farmers, roadside cantinas, market stalls, cathedrals lit in the night, families strolling 3 or 4 generations strong.

Traveling requires more periods of rest, and a bit more indulgence in sleeping accommodations (I need a good bed, room to spread out, good lighting, and a reasonable bathroom), but in Mexico, that meant spending $50-80 a night rather than $32. We did good.

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Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. I've heard great things about the interior of Mexico, but all I know of the country is a few of those sleazy border towns, if you know what I mean.

My wife likes to watch those international house hunter shows on TV, and there's a lot to be said for many of the featured destinations. If our lives had taken a couple of different turns, we might have been one of the US families you met in Mexico, but Hawaii is not too shabby. Neither is Seattle, for that matter!



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Welcome back Stephanie. I missed your Hall Pass post before you left and missed you while you were gone. I remembered, though, that you were going on holiday. I just didn't remember where. Your trip to Mexico sounds fabulous. I have a friend who lived in a community of most Americans there for a time and she loved it. So glad you had such a wonderful time. My guess is feeling safe is about knowing where to go and where not to go, just like anywhere.

Judy in KW

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Let's see if I am able to link a few photos:

Bed and Breakfast in Guadalajara:


Breakfast spot in Guadalajara:




Hotel Courtyard in Morelia (with bride):


Caterina in Plaza - anti-smoking:


I can, but they are small. If anyone can help me make them bigger, thanks!

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