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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! Countdown to Friday for all our working Joes and Janes. We're thinking of you Ann.

What fun it was reading yesterday's Air. Welcome back to all you MIAs. Heidi, Ginny, Judy in MI. Libby and Annette I'm happy to say are becoming regulars. And you Bruce, Stan is such a nice guy he gives all the fish he catches to the neighbors who do it for $$$$. That way he's sure they want to take him if he's too lazy to put his own boat in the water. This time there really wasn't time, we're so in and out again with the RV. Eric, no mutton snapper tho I do love that fish! The guys Stan goes with go exclusively for yellowtail snapper. We did have it fresh for dinner and it was great. Bud I never biked more than two miles but when I did, I remember well those headwinds on Boca Chica Road where I live. I hated it.

Off to get a haircut and have my PCP check my bloodwork. He's doing the inteval month while I'm on Tarceva so I don't have to go to MDA but every two months.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 39 degrees with a stiff north wind as I rode to work this morning, chilly enough that I put the handlebar mitts on the bike for the first time this fall. Forecast high is 62.

Hi, Ginny. It's nice to see you on the Air. My commute to work is just over 24 miles, round trip.

Heidi and MI Judy, nice to see y'all here again, too. It's funny. When I work, I have designated breaks, so I sit and read the forum and post on the Air. But, when I'm not working, I'm just as busy, and never take time for that break, so often don't post. So I understand about getting too busy. But it's great to hear from everyone when you find the time.

I'm counting down to Friday afternoon with Ann. Have a great day, all.

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Overcast sky and a little crisp -20C/-4F this morning. Hopefully it will warm up a few degree's by lunchtime.

Judy I've never had yellowtail snapper but if they are nice tasting then it's a bonus because I'm sure Stan enjoy's the fishing. I alway's give my catch to neighbor's and friend's as well.

Bud we use handle bar mitts on snowmobile's that go almost to the elbow. I imagine bike mitts would be a bit smaller.

Well the rooster is crowing so I guess it's time to get moving. take care everyone.

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2 days in a row. I just posted on FB that it is 11/18 in PA, should be very cold, but I played 18 holes of golf today, life is good.

Went to dinner with 3 very good friends, one who is a lc survivor. Just had a chest drain removed a month ago and is still doing chemo every 3 weeks, she is just amazing. Scans in 2 weeks, if all is well she will go on Avastin. Cross things and pray pleaase.

24 miles, that's about 23.9 more than I can do. I am impressed.

Judy from MI, may all become good and right in paradise.

Easy day tomorrow, and then out to dinner with friends.

Good night all.

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