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Friday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 38 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 69.

Bruce, it's ATV handlebar mitts that I have on my bike. I shortened them a bit to make them work well on the very short handlebar on my bike. If this afternoon is really 69 degrees, I'll take off the mitts before I head home. This is the time of year when I can end up hauling a lot of the morning's clothes back in the afternoon.

It's 6 1/2 more hours until my weekend starts. Have a great day, all!

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It is -20C again this morning. Sun is just coming over the horizon and the sky is red. Hope the red sky at morn is not accurate today. LOL

Have to go into town today for my Doctor's appointment to see how the back is healing. It is a long way from being healed when you have to rely on strong painkiller's everyday. Going to ask him about some physio.

Bud, I know from working in construction what it is like dressing in the morning this time of the year. Put on layer's in the morning and take them off as the day warm's up. Here the temperature drop's when the sun rises before it begin's to warm up.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.

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Good morning all,

Temperature is 33 degrees here at 10 am. Low of 26 high of 40 today. Not real thrilled with that, but it will feel warm when it hits the single digits...Going up north to the cottage this weekend. Hunting season opens Saturday so it will be crazy up north. Lots of gun fire. Will have to keep the dogs close. No ATV’s either, to loud for the hunters, will scare the deer away. Good I can sit around the fire and do nothing. That sounds like a good weekend.

Judy in KW thank you for the welcome yesterday. I do enjoy coming and posting. It is nice to have other survivors to chat with and be normal (whatever normal is) LOL... I sure hope it is warmer in the keys then it is at Buds this morning... Bud I also have the same ATV gloves at my cabin for when we ride the ATVs, they are leather. I also use them for just being outside and playing with the dogs they keep my hand nice and warm.

Everyone have a great day and weekend.

PS Bud you have 5 more hours until your weekend starts. LOL


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Evening All,

Just crept upstairs,its soap time,freedom,Weather fine and mild today,no frost to scrape from the car,think its something to do with global warming,my mother always believed changing weather patterns were to do with the Russians sending up all these sputniks into orbit.Isnt this just the day of the week?,this is one of my favourite days of the year,its Pudsey Bear Day aka Children in Need Day,when all of the UK adults behave like children and the children behave like adults,its the first sign of Christmas is coming.

The BBC organise a special day on all its radio and TV channels,stars and celebs give freely of their time to support this charitable event in raising loads of cash,for disadvantaged children.Last year,a year of austerity,they raised over £40,000,000 or over $60,000,000 in your money,this year they hope to raise even more.Radio going into work,listening to records that have been sponsored by the general public by pledging some money,also a radio auction where the general public are asked to bid for a special event,this year the highest bid to play a round of golf with Lee Westwood and Chris Evans went for £90,000,(I didnt bid)oh by 6.00pm the radio pledging had raised £1.8m.I listenened to a guy earlier,pledging £23,000,to bring the total to £1m being told it had already now reached that total,simply said just keep the money anyway.

TV studios are just full of ordinary people sporting large cheques of money they have raised as individuals or groups,raised doing the most ridiculous of things eg men shaving half their beards off,or having their chests or legs waxed,ouch!lots of school children doing sponsored swims or silences etc,plus some big stars making an absolute fool of themselves for a worthy cause,yes the UK at its absolute best.

For a change, nothing much on this weekend,think Sally and I are doing a bit of Christmas shopping in Glasgow after ABC on Sunday,daughter Jennifer,then Max,Mia,Jack and Emma,all great grand nieces and nephews,but no GRANDCHILDREN yet Jennifer,Hint,Hint,alas fallen on deaf ears,shes too busy wanting to be a star of theatre and screen.

Hi Bruce,really hope you get 'Back' to normal with some physio and able to ditch the painkillers.

Libby,Enjoy your break 'Way up north' loved the song Way up north to Alaska,hunting? hope it dosnt include ducks?Quack,Quack.Byee.

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