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Asking our online community...What are you thankful for?


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It's been a heck of a year.

Some of you are facing the holidays for the first time with lung cancer in your lives, others are actively in treatment and for some, the holidays will be a time when loved ones are remembered who are no longer with us.

In the midst of it all, what are some of the things you are thankful for?

Me? I am thankful for the family I have, the memories I have, this incredible community we have and for LUNGevity staff, constituents, volunteers, supporters and friends.

Wishing everyone renewed health and a Happy Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for?

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Hi Katie,

What am I thankful for,being dxd with Lung Cancer?come on!OK (only kidding),I have been blessed in my dx taking me to places I would have never visited in a million years ,also meeting some of the most beautiful people one could wish to know,my life has been enriched by LC,and I dont regret its arrival for one minute(saying that at the minute, whens its all quiet on the western front LOL).

It did occur to me I should make a list of all of you who are special to me,to thank you for the blessing that you all are to me,you know what?when I started the list it just grew and grew,and I thought,what if, after posting I left someone out of my list due to messrs Whyte and Mackays or senile dimensia(I swear I have had only one of the former)No names, no pack drill,you all know who is on my list,god bless each and every one of you.

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I started this morning kind of down - so thanks for this question - I'm not down any longer.

Like Eric, I am so thankful for this site and everyone here - this site wasn't here when I was first dx in 1998, and while I don't post nearly as often as others, just knowing you are all here is such a blessing.

I am thankful for living each day with the beauty of an awesome God, great family and amazing friends in my life. What more could a girl want?

What more is there to say.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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So, so many things. 25+ years with the man of my dreams. Amazing kind smart children and grandchildren. Great friends.

My own good health.

But in relation to this site, I am so very thankful for the caring, support and information I received from here during those 2 years of our lung cancer journey.

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I'm thankful for my family doctor who, out of the blue, decided to give me a chest x-ray and found my lung cancer early enough to still be stage 1.

I'm thankful for my husband of almost 29 years who takes such good care of me. I'm thankful for my beautiful daughter.

I'm thankful for this web site which has helped me so much and for all of you. I don't post much but read every day and consider all of you my friends.


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I"m thankful to be home safe and sound from our long trip to Hawaii. Thankful for the gorgeous weather out there. Also thankful for any weather, no matter what.

I'm with Eric. While having LC is not a good thing, I'm very thankful for the values I learned as a result of it. The priorities I developed needed to be developed. Now when I see the sun shine, or a beautiful flower, or the leaves changing, or my puppy's tail wagging, I'm so thankful to be around to treasure these little moments. I'm thankful to my Father God in Heaven for blessing me richly. I'm thankful for LIFE.

Judy back in MI

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Last night I lit the candle for mom that was used in the All Saints Day remberance service and told her how much we would miss her this week, but that I was going to try to maintain a sense of gratitude--for the "bonus" year we got so she could celebrate her grandaughters graduations, for the "bonus" three years we got beyond what was the common prognosis of her disease, for the people of the LSCS for all of their love and support, for all of her love and wisdom, for the family and friends that closed around us and held us up over the last 6 week, and most of all for a loving God who recieved my mom warmly into His arms. All of these are things for which I am profoundly grateful.


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I am thankful for the length of time I have been given since my dx. Like Bud I did not really thing I would make it this long, especially with no problems...Thank you God...Every extra day I spend with my 15 year old daughter is a blessing.

I am most thankful for this online community and the people here that have always shown me support. Without this online community at Lungevity I would not have any real support. I am thankful to have a job, home, food and family.

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I am thankful of course that I am still alive and well nearly 13 yrs after diagnosis of lung cancer. It was a very difficult road to travel but it also brought me many blessings.

I am thankful for all the people that prayed for me, all the people that helped me get to chemo and radiation and through surgery and more chemo.

I am grateful for all the people I am met at the on line support group. I am so grateful that I met Connie Berchem who started the first face to face lung cancer support group here in Minnesota. After 15 yrs of survival we lost her this past month , her memorial service is November 30th. She touched and helped so many people and worked so hard having events to have lung cancer awareness and getting November lung cancer awareness month here in Minnesota.

I am blessed with wonderful family and friends. I am thankful.

Donna G

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