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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Third try. Should have used Notepad. First too lazy, now too stubborn.

Got up to an alarm this morning. This is the last day we have to pack and leave on Tue am. Hope I'm further along than I think.

Went to an Investment Club meeting last night. Haven't been here to go all summer and now will miss the Christmas meeting. Nice people. I wanted to see them all.

My Tarceva rash is showing itself more. My chest was really angry looking yesterday. Still not enough on my face that I wasn't able to cover it with makeup. The worst thing last night was not being able to have food at the meeting. Didn't want to have to wait til midnight to take my Tarceva.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi All,

Just dropped in for a moment during my lunch break,(its just on 1.00pm. What do you think of Buds new avatar? dosnt he look distinguished and windswept.Good one Bud,speak to you later.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 68 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Today was my 150th ride to work this year. Forecast high is 78. The fierce south wind was a great tailwind this morning, but it will be tough to ride against this afternoon.

Here it is the end of November, and I rode in today wearing shorts and short sleeves. I was in short sleeves all day on the lake yesterday, too. And that's two days after using my handlebar mitts because it was in the 30's. We get a lot of weather changes here this time of year. And just in time for the holidays, our first freeze is supposed to be Thursday night.

You didn't miss the avatar, Judy. I hadn't changed it yet when I made that post. I had a few minutes before dinner last night, so I resized and made a quick change here and on facebook. I'm on stage, wearing my LUNGevity t-shirt. That's probably a better avatar for here than my funny looking bike.

I hope the rash doesn't get any worse, Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Hey all

Judy hope you get everything loaded up today ....and do not forget something like I do on every trip I make. Bud I think your new avatar looks great. But I also think your bike avatar was great as well because I'm sure other's on here love reading about your bike adventure's as I do.

Well I received 4 new Red Angus cow's on Saturday night. The guy delivered them and as soon as he let them out of the trailer the male llama decided to attack one and chased her around until she got tangled in the fence. She got free but sometime during the night she decided to jump the fence and run away. Spent 6 hour's yesterday with 5 neighbor's trying to get her back. Each time we would get near the pasture and she would see the llama's she would run again. Finally got her into a corral at a neighbor's about 6 miles away. Let her settle down now before I try to get her back home provided that she do not get pneumonia and die. Did I mention it was -30C or -22F with the windchill yesterday. May have to sell the llama's. Getting daylight so I better go check on the animals. take care everyone.

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Hi Everyone! Well, I'm back. Think I'll do a post about my trip separate from this, but boy am I glad to "read" all of you! Judy, I hope that this rash does not worsen, but gets better for you! Goodness, you've been through a lot.

Bud, love the new picture. You handsome man you! LOL! Love the look, and love your positivity and attitude.

ERic, come back and write more! I love your stories. Loved your response on Katie's THANKFUL post. I agree wholeheartedly.

Bruce, what a story about the Llama and the Cow. Had no idea that the two didn't get along well. I can't imagine your life, but love reading about it.

I'm sorry about disappearing for a while. Life was overwhelming, and I had a zillion things to get done before the big trip. And my time here will also be limited as I prepare for the wedding trip to San Francisco. Leaving Dec. 9 and returning on the 16th. In the meantime, I'm going to try to be here a bit more than the last month!


Judy back in MI

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Hi All,

Very busy working Monday now finished,thank goodness.Weather overcast dry and mild,still getting severe weather reports about Artic conditions on there way here from Russia,snow and sub-zero temps,hopfully they' ve got it all wrong.

Received a couple of emails of interest,one from New York,no less,oooh,Montclairs Whos Who?anyone heard of them?listen to this, It is their honour to inform me of my inclusion in the Biographies of North America and Canada,for the most accomplished Educationalists blah,blah,considered the highest mark of achievment,blah,blah,at no cost to youself-does anyone smell a scam?.Certainly aimed at the vane,who me?

Another for the vane side of my nature,well it is for a good cause?Emma Gunby of Roy Castle,writes to tell me that she has been given some funding to make three short films of lung cancer survivor stories,and asked if I would be willing to participate and host a film crew at my home for the shoot.Well my make ups already on,lights,camera,action, I am ready for my scene,just point me in the right direction.

JudyKW,hope your rash subsides soon,enjoy your break,sorry I have forgotten where you are gallavanting to this time round,oh you are such a little nomad.

Hi Bud,shorts and short sleeves in November,do you have to rub it in? mind you ,even Texas may have it cooler on Thursdays,as you say.

Bruce,really enjoying a day on the farm tales,such an alternative life style to me,seems your are having a great time playing Rowdy Yates,sorry before your time young fellah,your cow story had me in stitches,what a mean Llama and poor cow what an introduction to her new home,hope she returns and can settle down.I do know about Black Aberdeen Angus's of course, but not red angus's are they of the same breed?.How are the cows fed,can they graze on frozen ground?ok I know I am so ignorant on these things,but if I do start up my own farm in the future, these are all the things Ill have to know.Are you practicing with your lasso,fence posts and the like,what about that trick they do,forming a large vertical loop with the lasso and you jumping through it,sure youll get there with practice.Have fun,you are certainly giving me some.

Judy MI,welcome home,not staying very long are you,off to California on the 9th of Dec,why you are becoming an other Judy of KW,well I am sure you going to enjoy the wedding.

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Sorry guys,so much for an Educationalist par excellance, VAIN you dunce,not Vane,always forget to check before I post.LOL, good night everyone,enjoy the rest of your day,now back to reading the dictionary.

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