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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 64 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high it 82.

Bruce, I've heard of fighting like cats and dogs, but not like cows and llamas. Eric, you do realize that you can just go back and modify a post, don't you? That's what I do when I see that I've made a typo. If you catch it pretty quickly, you can edit, and hardly anyone's the wiser.

Not much happening here, today. Have a great day, all!

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Good afternoon,

Well Bud I do like your new avatar. I don't mind your bike one either it is inspiring to see what a lung cancer survivor can do. Can't believe how far you go....

Judy in KW hope you are doing ok and glad to hear you enjoyed your visit over the weekend. Packing is not fun and I always forget something. LOL... Sorry to hear that you are feeling the aches. I know during chemo that was the hardest thing for me. Hang in there it MUST be working.....

Judy in MI glad to see you back. Sounds like you are pretty busy getting back and going on another trip. Post some Hawaii pictures when you get a chance.

Eric I will have to post some pictures of our cabin up north for you. It sits between two lakes and there is a lot of rock. I have some real nice pictures from the boat if I can find them. Don't worry about the typos and yes you can go back and change.

I am off the rest of the week... Yeah... I have a lot of projects to get done around the house. Staying home for the holiday. Have a great evening everyone.


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Well it is noon and the temperature has risen a couple degree's today. My living room has window's from floor to the 13' high ceiling and facing south so any sun and it heats up very quickly.

Well Eric it sounds like you will be the celebrity and won't be getting into the farming. We will soon be asking for Bud and your autograph's. Everything is frozen and snow covered in the winter so you put those big round hay bales out in the pasture. They just eat away at those and it depends on how many cow's/horses, etc you have and how long the winter determines how many bales you require. I have about 75 bales on hand for the winter.

Bud I never heard of llama's and cow's fighting either. In fact, the previous owner had both in the pasture. Unfortunately, introducing the llama's to new cow's is a different story. And of course I did not take into consideration the fact the cow's may not have seen a Llama before !

Well tomorrow is a busy day with dropping off the Llama's to their new home, picking up 2 calves, and then going to try to get the cow back home.

Oh and I do have a lasso that a neighbor gave me Eric. But after my last try on horseback riding, I'll try throwing the lasso from my ATV. Take care.

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Good afternoon! Ah, slowly getting through the Jet Lag part of vacationing. Slept like someone konked me over the head with a log last night. So nice!

While I didn't enjoy Oahu because of how commercialized and touristy they are, I did love the weather. Every single day was high of 82, low of 72. Every single day! But it was weird to see Christmas decorations up. They had their palm trees decorated for Christmas. It looked so strange to us.

Anyway, back here in Michigan, we have a wonderful high of 31, and low of 20. Nothing like what Bruce has to deal with in Canada, but quite a change from where we came from.

We're supposed to have snow by Thanksgiving. :-)

So what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving?????

My family has been bickering over who hosts thanksgiving since my Mom died in 1996. Once she passed, the boys fought over who is in charge on this day, and finally, I told them all that we were not going to get into it on a day when we are supposed to be thankful for our blessings.

So two years ago a local church contacted all the other local churches in our small town, and started a Community Thanksgiving event, in which we feed the community. It's not necessarily for the poor, although we get them, and we get lots of elderly folks that would otherwise be alone, but we want everyone that wants a nice meal to come.

So last year, I tried to volunteer but the spasms were so bad I could only sit in a chair and greet people. So this year I am so excited to be able to actually serve food and enjoy the company of the folks rather than sitting on a chair away from all the fun!

Bruce, do continue to tell us about your cows, llamas, and calves. I love those stories. Oh heck, I love any story!

Have a good one.

Judy in MI

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