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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

We're not having our Thanksgiving feast until early this afternoon, so I wanted to get in a few miles on the bike this morning before the cold front and rain arrived. It was 70 degrees when I let the dogs out at 6:00 am. weather.com showed the front getting here at 8:00 and the rain around 10:00, so I figured I'd just leave at 7:00 and ride north until I met the front, then ride back with it.

Of course, the front came in shortly after 6:00, and by the time I opened the garage door to leave at 7:00, it was 48 degrees. The temperature had fallen 22 degrees in one hour. By the time I had ridden 6 miles, a steady light rain was falling. I settled for 26 miles. By the time I got back home, just before 10:00, it was 41 degrees. So much for the shorts and short sleeves I wore to ride all week.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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So far we have warmed up to 9 degrees and 10:20 am. The sun is shining so we went out and shoveled yesterdays snow off the stairs and driveway.

Menu for turkey day is all set. I'll start the oven in a while. Right now I will finish watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on TV.

Happy thanksgiving

Donna G

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Looks as though everyone's temperature is a little chilly. Bud 22 degree's is a big drop in 1 hour. A gradual decline doesn't seem as bad as that quick drop. It was a nice day here. Our temperature increased from the -30 over the last few days to -7C today.

I got the housesitter all straightened out with directions and where to find everything. I'm outta here in the morning. My son is graduating from EMS/Firefighting school on Saturday. I'm meeting up with my daughter in Edmonton and we are going to his graduation ceremony. I've only seen him once for a few days since I moved him down to school in February. He had planned on going to school right after high school graduation, but that was when I had my operation and he wanted to be around to help me out. So it will be great to see him graduate.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Take care.

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Here I am chiming in on Friday! Yesterday was so busy. Our community churches banded together and held a Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner, free to all who wish to come. It was very nice. Nice turn out. Got to serve food, eat food, serve drinks, and be a greeter. Great way to spend the day!

It's very blustery here and about 25 degrees. Expected an ice storm last night, but thankful it didn't happen. We went over to our friends house for pie with them and their five kids. What a riot! The two oldest daughters are in their young 20's, then there's two teenage sons, and an 11 year old girl. What a fun time we had laughing, teasing and watching the antics of this bunch. So enjoyed it.

Today I s l e p t in! It felt so good. It's again, quite cold and very windy, so I'm thinking pajamas and books is the order of the day! Yes.

Judy in MI

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