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Friday Evening Air.

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just about 5pm here,thought I would drop by and read the mail,are you all still on holiday?,hope you all had a great thanksgiving,my turn next with St Andrews Day on the 30th,no turkey,Haggis tatties and neeps and a wee dram of the amber nectar,accompanied by a bit of Scottish culture,singing and some poetry,I will get my guitar out and entertain the troops,wel lmight only be Sally,since I have not arranged anything,you are all invited if you can make it.

The weather here was absolutely brill,sunshine,not a cloud in the sky,frosty though,I am just back from a SQA curriculum development meeting at Stirling University today,really annoyed I never took my camera,the sunlit snow covered peaks all around were really stunning,as was the Wallace Monument,och well there it is.

Got the kilt ensemble all ready for donning,my sisters hubby is coming approx 6.30pm to take us to the Oran Mor,also going to pick us up at the end of the evening and run us home,isnt he nice?still I would do the same for him.

Need to be helping Sally with a home "Winter clean" this weekend, for the film guys coming on Thursday.Really looking forward to it,hopefully any butterflies will be minimal.

Bruce,sorry never had time to get back to you on your post of pocket scrambled egg,that was so funny,yeah think I could really enjoy sharing a farming adventure with you however its minus 4c just now thats about as cold as I can cope with,never mind your minus 28c.Have a really enjoyable day with you daughter in Edminton at your sons graduation,can you pass on my congratulations.I was on facebook the other night,guess what,you know there is an Airdrie in Canada also?its in Alberta,wonder if it was founded by someone from here?.

Times flying again,better go and shower and get dressed,let you know how the night went of course tomorrow,but probably not too early.

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Evening All! Nice to see you Jane. Eric, we will all be waiting for you tales of the evening. I'm sure it will, as always, be an adventure.

Made the 3-hr drive to Ovieda with Dominick yesterday. Wonderful feast with my Son David, his wife Kym, children Ian and Logan and Kym's Mom. I told them they had enough food to feed an army, no two or three armies. It was lovely. Drove back tonight. Thank goodness Wendy got "called off" today so I didn't have to make the drive to the Mall with Dominick and wait while he had his piano lesson. Would have been glad to do it for her but relieved I dogged that bullet. I'm am really done in and won't be getting out and about early tomorrow.

I'm sure you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying those leftovers today.

Judy in KW

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