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Saturday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 29 degrees when I got up yesterday morning. It got up to 51 degrees in the afternoon, with a brisk north wind all day. I stayed around the house most of the day, getting out and riding 43 miles in the afternoon after it warmed up.

It's 25 degrees outside now. Forecast high is 64. I'm thinking I'll go fishing today, but I'm going to wait a couple of hours for it to warm up before I go.

Bruce, enjoy your son's ceremony today. I'm sure he's excited. Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! Not surprised you beat me up again this morning Bud. I could barely keep my eyes open about 7 pm, then was wide awake by 8. Stayed up and watched TV til 10:30. Yes Jane I slept til almost 8:30. Lovely. Have nothing important I have to do. Won't go to Wendy's til later today. Dominick has Karate and has to work on his project when he get done. Told him I'd take him to Tin Fish for dinner if he finishes.

Weather is nice here but chilly in the morning. I get up and put the heat on a little in the morning. Thur and Fri were overcast driving to Oviedo and I was thrilled. Didn't have to wear my sun garb for three hours.

Got to tell you all, I was watching comedy central last night. Two hours of Jeff Durham. I love ventriliquists and he is so funny. A little off-color sometimes but you can help but laugh. Does anybody remember the guy who used to be on Ed Sullivan? One of his characters was a hand who always said "sss okay."

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening All,

Isnt it strange at the weekend when I have more time in my hands to post,that most of the buddies are absent?.Think its a good thing because everyone is having a good time doing other things,with family and friends.Weather here today,just perfect for November,crisp frost with sunny blue skies all day,I took back my kilt gear to Slaters in Glasgow and decided to spend the day photographing a typical Glasgow day full of Christmas shoppers,I got some super photos that I hope to share with you soon.

Pat,my sisters husband dropped Irene and I off at the Oran Mor,just after 7.00pm,we were greeted by our hosts from Roy Castle for a champagne reception,it was a bit un-nerving for me in that many people were shaking my hand in welcome that knew me,but I hadnt the foggiest who they were,seems they had all seen my pics and the you tube video prior,but it was a pleasure to meet for the first time,the Liverpudlians team,Emma and Ginine,they were so lovely and welcoming to me,I felt I had known them all my life.A few of the guests were identified to sit at particular tables,I do feel a bit humble but I was invited to sit beside the joint founding person of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.Org. Dr Rosemary Gillespie in table No1,I really did feel so undeserving of such a priviledge.Eric thought I,you are such an imposter,but never the less I enjoyed every minute of her company,she really is a lovely person.

Rosemary was invited on stage to open the evening events,and told the audience that since its inception,they had raised over £15,000,000 which had been donated to projects to research and develope a cure for Lung Cancer once and for all,which still remains their target.I really wish that the Roy Castle Org and LUNGevity can in some way,join forces to share common targets for combating the scourge of Lung Cancer,and if I can contribute in some small way towards this aim I would be a happy bunny.

Following a lovely meal,we had the pleasure of the group called Pacific to dance to,they were so professional,providing music to suit everyones taste.It was a fundraiser night,my luck in the raffles was dismal,they also had a auction organised,with a great variety of items to bid for,like a four ball at Haggs Castle Golf Club,boy it went for more pennies than I could afford.However a signed framed photograph was introduced,it was of Billy McNeil of Glasgow Celtic Football Club holding up the European Championship Winners Trophy in 1967,having beating Inter Milan 2-1.Well my best friend Bill McGlone and his wife May had supported me through the dark days of my dx and treatments for LC,Bill is such a die hard supporter of Celtic,I knew would just love to own such a prize,so I bid for it and I am pleased to say I won the pic,taking it round to Bill today,and passing it on to him,gave me more pleasure than money can buy,thank you God,he was just knocked out.

We phoned Irenes Husband to pick us up at midnight,you wont believe what awaited us when we opened the exit doors,a full scale blizzard,the snow was so heavy you could hardly see beyond 20 yards,and it was lying a few inches deep,it was such a lovely sunny cloud free day also,it was so unexpected,although I have to say the east coast of the Uk had the same yesterday,what on earth is happening?,we never get snow this side of Christmas?.Anyway after careful driving Pat dropped me off at my house at approx 1.00am,following I watched a Andrew Rieu recorded concert on TV until 3.30am,along with a couple of amber nectars of Messrs Whyte and MacKays,the drinks at the Oran Mor are rediculous,we paid £11.50 -$17.34 in your money, for two glasses of white wine,so we didnt have many orders to follow.

Hi Jane,yes the film crew arrive at my house this Thursday at 5.30pm,I asked my daughter what does a film crew consist of? she replied,a Director,cameraman,sound recordist,boom operator,script editor and a runner,gulp!! do you think shes winding me up,boy, shes now got me worried.

Goodnight all,enjoy the rest of your day.Byee

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