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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 63 degrees with rain when I got up this morning. A check of the weather radar showed that the shower would soon be gone, so I went ahead and got ready and rode to work. By the time I left home, the streets were still wet, but the rain had stopped. Forecast high here for today is 71, getting windy this afternoon as a front comes in.

Saturday, I made a trip to my winter fishing spot on the Brazos River above Lake Whitney. It's as scenic as ever, but it was a double disappointment. Not only are my crappie not there yet, but looking at the pecan trees, it's plain that they don't have anywhere near as many pecans as last year. I'd heard a couple of people say it wasn't going to be a good pecan year, and looking at those trees seems to bear that out.

I only caught a couple of crappie Sunday at Granbury. I'm glad the freezer is well stocked; it looks like I may not be bringing much fish home for a few weeks.

Dawn, great to hear from you. How are you doing? I hope they put a copy of your video online, Eric. I'm sure we'd all love to see it. I'm glad you enjoy Christmas shopping, Libby. Do mine for me, please......LOL. Glad you're still spasm free, MI Judy. That sounds pretty life changing.

Have a great day, all!

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Hey folks

Just beginning to get daylight here. It is -13C ( 8F ) which is warmer than usual here for this time of the year. Unfortunately I heard on the weekend that they are predicting a colder than average winter. Last year was much warmer with the coldest month being December.

Sorry to hear that the fishing has slowed down Bud. Do you use your own lure's when fishing for crappie ? Must be nice when the fishing is good and you can try different lure's.

Maybe Libby can venture up north and do my Christmas shopping as well. LOL I was at the West Edmonton Mall on the weekend. It was the biggest in the world but I'm not sure if that has changed. it was very busy and I remembered why I do not like shopping at mall's.

Son's graduation was great and spending time with him and my daughter was nice. He begin's his practicum on Thursday at his first choice of locations. I had a 10 drive to get home yesterday. I tried taking an alternate route and that turned into 12 hours. Gotta remember that map the next time.

Eric, Airdrie is near Calgary where my daughter lives so I pass it quite often. I've heard it is a very nice place but I'm not sure of it's history.

Take care everyone and have a great day.

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Evening All,

Bit quiet today guys,what bizarre weather here in the UK,we dont do snow until after Christmas.I finally coaxed my car up Sutherland Drive this morning at 11.00am,got into work at lunch time,bit of a waste really,I didnt have a class until 3.15pm,and I decided to release them at 4.00pm again,due to the weather outside.Arrived home at 6.00pm just in time for the snow to start again.

Stobhill Lung Cancer Christmas Party this Wednesday has been cancelled by Penny,she dosnt want us to be exposed to this weather un-necessarily,maybe we can reschedule another day if the weather improves.

Emma Gunby has emailed me to say she is going to travel up to Airdrie with her film crew weather permitting,think its going to be too close to call,cancellation looks more than likely,as the weather reports are still saying artic conditions to continue.

Hi Bud,sorry about fish being in short supply,hope its only temporary.The short films proposed are going to be pushed hard by the Roy Castle publicity machine,the films are being placed in facebook,you tube,Roy Castle website and others,so provided they can actually get made,you will get to see them.

Hi Bruce,it was really nice to hear about your sons graduation day,they are such memorable occassions,also the oppertunity to spend some quality time with your daughter also.

Good Luck to your son in his chosen placement.Thanks for the information on Canada's Airdrie,must look it up on google earth.

Just going to have a quick scan of the other mail,before off to bed,night all.

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Ack, about 10 hours ago, I attempted to post to this Air, but I kept getting interrupted at work, and I think the post timed out and when I hit Submit, it disappeared! Hate it when that happens. I've got to remember to copy and paste so that does not happen!

Anyway each day is a gift now that I'm not suffering anymore. How amazing this is. Bud, I'm totally feeling gratitude every single day. How pleasant it is to be able to move about freely and without pain.

I'm debating going back to paid work. I so love my volunteering, but I am now capable of being reliable at work, and if I need to go back to that I will. When he gets home from this hunting trip, we are going to have a good talk about where we are at financially.

I think he struggles in believing that I'm okay now. He had to protect me for 3 years, and advocate for me before that with my cancer. I think he is afraid I'm going to do too much and spend the night writhing in pain. I try to assure him that it won't happen anymore! I'm doing great. I want him to know that.

I worked 30 years in the technology field, 25 of them in Sales. While I don't want the pressure of quotas and demands to make quota, I could easily be a great support person to a Sales Manager, and help make her/his life easier.

Anyway, had a good day today and am ready to wind down for the evening. Hope you all did too!

Judy in MI

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