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Shocked me


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I called ConnieB's husband Maurie to check on him today and for the first time since Connie passed away, the phone went to voicemail....and it was HER VOICE....

I nearly wrecked my car I was so startled to hear her voice....

I miss her so much.

Her memorial service is Tomorrow.

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My step-dad could not accept that my Mom died. His voice mail recording said "Norma and Mike are not available to answer your call right now, please leave a message and we'll call you back."

I hated that message. He also signed birthday cards, and Christmas cards, "Love, Mike and Norma". He never accepted her death, to the day he died. It was sad. It really bothered me.

How sad.

Judy in MI

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When Mike died, his message was on my answering machine. It gave me comfort each time a call came in, but I never thought much about how others felt when they called and heard it. We had a bad storm, answering machine went out and I lost the outgoing message ... :( We all react differently and cling to our loved ones memory in different ways. I'm however very sorry for the upsetting affect that it had on you. I can see how it would be a shock.. :(



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No I don't blame him for keeping the message...It was just a shock for me to hear it because I didn't know...I was shocked and happy to hear her voice...but it made me really sad too.

I have a voicemail from her when she came home from the hospital and went into hospice. I am so glad I thought to record it into my computer because my phone suddenly died last week and lost all my messages.

Having that message from her is comforting...

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