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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! 73 degrees and rainy in Port St Lucie with expected high of 84. It was rainy off and on yesterday, should be today and again tomorrow. It's strange having rainy days in the coach. You are so much more aware of the rain than when in a house.

Didn't get by yesterday. Was in one of my solitary days. Haven't had one of those in awhile. Stayed at the coach most of the day doing paperwork as I will again today. Ran some errands and then back for the evening. Was catching up on family on the phone. Today, I'm out and about again picking up Dominick after music practice at school. I really needed this down time.

I read the Air everytime I come on so I've caught up with most of you. Glad to see all is well--Libby's getting her Christmas shopping done, unlike me. Bud's still dodging raindrops on his bike and waiting for the crappie to move. Joppette has happlily appeared to have her spasm problem solved. Eric is Eric, wowing them all at Charity events. And Bruce, yeh it's cold, but at least you're not chasing cow. Red Angus? We have black in the States. Never heard of Red.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning all,

Just a quick post on my way to work. Yesterday was crazy a school here (30 miles away) had a student take a teacher and 23 other students hostage by gun for 5 hours. It ended with everyone being release safely thank god!! The student did shoot himself but still in hospital. So sad. My daughter was very anxious about going to school after hearing about it. THese poor kids having to worry about such horrible things.

Sorry guys, Bud and Bruce you will have to do your own shopping I had about all I could take...LOL...

Hi Judy, solitary days are good once in a while. 73 degrees sound wonderful right now it is 45 degrees here, I can't complain that is very warm for this time of year. Chistmas shopping was crazy as expected. I am hoping to be done early. I may do the rest of it on the Internet and have it shipped. I am glad Bruce is not out running around making those cows mad again.....LOL I never heard of Red Agnus either...

Take care. Have a great day.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 39 degrees with a 20 mph northwest wind as I rode to work this morning, a bit chilly. It's 35 degrees now, but it's supposed to get up to 52.

Sorry to hear you're having such bad weather, Eric. I hope we don't get much of that here this year. When you first mentioned the snow, I thought you were going to tell us about how you walked miles in the snow to work, uphill both ways. That's the way my father did it back in his school days, according to the stories he tells.

Bruce, most of the year I mainly use the jigs I make to crappie fish, but in winter, I often buy minnows, or throw a castnet for shad. It's a tougher bite in the winter, and live bait seems to do a lot better on some days.

MI Judy, I can't recommend working for pay so much. If I'm going to keep on doing it, I've got to find something easier.

Enjoy your down time, KW Judy. You've definitely earned it. Have a great day, all!

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Good Afternoon All,

Phew, just dropping in for a minute,thats some party next door,if they dont quieten it down a bit I am going to have to phone for the police,by the way you have all been invited.

Hi Judy,we need some more musicians,how about Dominic comes round to join us?what he is playing this weather?.

Hi Bud,Spent about three hours shovelling snow to-day,I checked its thickness on our sidewalk(we call them pavements here)it is 12 inches deep.Yeah about the walking,my Boss was doing all he could to encourage me to get to work,suggested I walk round to Airdrie Station(my daughter told me yesterday they were off)Its a real slog particularly in deep snow I do find myself a bit breathless uphill,particularly two mile ones.This is the boss by the way,who removed my name from my office door after being off work,during my chemo time,also phoning me,to consider early retirement through ill-health,boy was my oncologist furious over these remarks,wanted the guy dismissed, from his job.I also phoned once during to arrange a visit to the college to meet with my collegues and students,he told me not to come,since it would demoralise the staff.I went directly to the college and sought the permission of my Principal,her response?Eric,you dont require permission,why are you asking?oh incidentally my Boss is in her office at this moment in time,not knowing where to look,I enjoyed his discomfort,and explained to me that it was not an acceptable idea.She looked at me sternly and demanded to know who would say such a thing to me,I did decline to say and left her office to meet my colleagues and students.My antipathy with my Boss did have some bearing in not going into work today,also breaking my arm last year in making such an attempt.Allow me to vent a little more,my boss is conspicious by his unexplained absences from the office two of three half days every week,do as I say rather than do as I do perhaps?Sorry about all that,why I feel much better now.

Hi Libby,gosh what about the gunman story? I remember Ann describing such an incident some weeks ago,Id be interested,if you could pass on more details that you find out later,hope the children get over this quickely.

Well I am off to rejoin the party, catch you all later.bye

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Hi Everyone!

Well Libby we had those high 40 temps this morning, but I'll bet by tomorrow you'll be posting a different story. The temps have dropped significantly now, during the day, and they predict snow tonight and tomorrow. The wind is cold and mean too. Ah, should have put the Christmas lights up outside while the weather was mild!

So sorry to read about the upset student with a gun. So relieved he didn't shoot anyone, but feel sad that he shot himself. Something bad is going on in his life to do such a desperate thing. So sad.

Interesting Bud that us Northerner's had milder temps than you! You do get those strange temperature changes down in Texas! But still overall, it's nice to have more warm days than not. Here, we usually go from November to April is cold weather. Still have a freeze or two in May. Can't plant flowers until after Memorial Day. Every year we tried to plant earlier, they froze.

Eric, I'd love to join your party! Sounds like you are having a blast! I can not believe the horrid things your boss said to you regarding retiring, and visiting your colleagues and students. I'm thinking if you had told who he was, he'd be out of a job by now.

Well, have a good evening everyone!

Judy in MI

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OMG Libby, I LOL at that picture of Bruce running around making the cows mad LOL LOL. But oh my goodness, another gun-toting student. When will it end.

Bud, I do recall that times when the fish are contrary, only live bait would do. I do miss fishing. I was beginning to consider going again and now I have to drape myself against the sun!

Eric, I hate hate hate mean-spirited bosses. I've had my share over the years. Enjoy your party and I'm sure you will if Judy in MI joins you.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Nice temperatures today of only -9C, but then we had high winds dropping it to -20C. Was busy today transporting animals. Dropped off 5 Llama's including the cow chaser, picked up 2 young calves and picked up my runaway cow.

Had a few animals mad at me today Libby. Both from herding them into a horse trailer and then my driving. Oh and Libby forgot to mention that all these animals that get mad at me are female !!!

Bud in the north where I lived there is some of the best fishing in the world. Including the world record for the largest lake trout. But you are not allowed to use live bait. As a kid growing up we always dug worms to go fishing. A few times up north I would have loved to have a few of those worms.

Good to see you back here a couple times today Judy in KW. sometimes we need those ME days.

Hey Eric if there is a party, count me in.

Judy in MI, I know all about putting up Xmas decorations in the cold. Last year it was in the -30C's and I was on the roof putting up lights.

Take care everyone.

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