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Another member asked me last week how Marisa was doing so I thought I would post an update here.

Marisa still doesn't have any pain but has also lost her appetite and her husband has to really push her to eat. As a result she has been losing some weight.

She also has good days when she and her husband get to go out for a drive and maybe even stop somewhere for a little lunch. They also play the pokies. I never heard that name before but I guess it is what they call slot machines in Australia.

Other days she feels weak and tired and gets a little down on herself. She is tired of being sick and wonder's how long that she will continue like this. Marisa is a very courageous and brave lady but it is these days that she can really use the thoughts and prayers of the great people here.

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I did hear from her a few weeks ago and she told me pretty much the same thing that Bruce has said. I remember when we first started to comunicate a couple of years before her latest diagnosis. At that time she questioned her faith. Now I look back at that time and then at her today and I know that she is a true picture of what faith and courage are like. If you read this Marisa please know how much I look up to you.

Thanks again Bruce.

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Hi Bruce,

Sorry to hear about your friend,it is frustrating isnt it,when you want to do more to help a friend,but knowing you can only do so much.For the little comfort I can offer could you let her know I am thinking and praying for her,of better days always.

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