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California here I come


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As I wrote in today's air, I am heading out ridiculously early tomorrow for a town North of San Francisco. It's called Kenwood in the heart of wine country.

We have the rehearsal dinner friday, after a day of wine tasting. Warned the guys that we can not taste so much that we are muddled headed for the rehearsal. Don't think our nephews new wifes family would enjoy seeing us like that :-)

Saturday is the wedding.

Sunday we recover. LOL! And hopefully do a little sight seeing. Weather is not great there this time of year. This is their rainy season, and typically is high of 50 low in the 30's, and lots of rain. Packed lots of layers of clothing to attempt to stay warm.

Sunday night we head back to San Francisco to stay at a hotel near the airport. Breakfast Monday am with the family and we all head out to home.

Our flight is scheduled to arrive back home around midnight Tuesday AM. Hate those time changes. Hoping the snow doesn't delay any layovers. Layovers late at night kind of are just yucky. Off to pick up the puppies at the kennel, and home to get a little sleep before a busy Tuesday kicks in!

Don't know if there will be any time to be on the "net", so I will just say you are all in my heart and I will be missing you.

Have a great next few days, and see you when I return.

MI Judy heading for California.

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