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Thusdays air

eric byrne

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Oh joy, oh rapture, unforseen,

For now the sky is all serene,

Anniesland is closed again,

And Eric's back for a refrain.

(apologies to Messrs Gilbert and Sullivan).

Blooming heck, the post yesterday was busier them the M8 on Monday,and so many brill ones to reply to,why my mail today could be longer than Tolstoys War and Peace,relax only kidding.

Well its 9.30am here,clear skies and warmer, -4 degrees,tomorrow I am sure will reopen mild spell expected plus 7 degrees C,(sorry you will have to covert that into your money,I am as baffled as you).Snowplough cleared Sutherland Drive yesterday afternoon,so I will make it to the shops today.

Transport disruption is making for shortages in the shops,Glasgow bakes most of Scotlands bread,so outlying villages are having to do without,Edinburgh has called on the Army to help clear the streets of local villages.Another problem is shortages of fuel,garages are getting low,the Grangemouth refinery in Scotland supplies most of the garages in the UK is having difficulty in maintaining supplies.Diesel has virtually disappeared from the forecourts,thank goodness I filled up with petrol on Monday.Reports of more Artic weather heading our way by Monday,what on earth is going on?.

Bruce, I never got to hear anymore of the vibrating ice-breaking vehicle,but the M8 is now open, one lane, both ways.

Where on the keyboard did you find fractions? oh I am such a thicky,three-quarter inch chukkies on the road? oh boy,think I would be wearing a crash helmet driving in Canada.

Hi Libby,going to see your daughters concerts,brings back happy memories to me,watching Jennifer in the choir at Christmas Concerts,Airdrie Academy choir is famous for the enthusiasm of its orchestra and singers,they always tried to lift the roof off the Assembly hall.By the way the film crew are coming on Monday-weather permitting.

Annette,what a surprise,you in the Navy?travelling the world?you lucky person you.You didnt bump into Kaseys Fred, or Randy did you? dont mean your ships collided of course.LOL.What about Little Torch Sky?-love it-who else but Americans could dream up a place name like that,wonder where it came from?

Hi Ginny,good to hear from you,it would be nice if you can find out where your friend comes from in Scotland,maybe we've met?.Hope you have a really good night out with the girls,I can hear you all now chattering away,having fun.Mind, not too many Vino Collapseos.

Got to go his masters voice calls,Sally is wanting to go to the shops.Bye.

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Good morning, Friends. Eric, it sounds like the weather has really caused things to slow down in your corner of the world. It sounds like a lot of people are going to miss their fresh baked bread today. I heard about this Artic blast that's headed toward us. It's a mild morning here today with temps near 50. We're supposed to be in the mid 70's on Saturday but then the rain moves in and our HIGH for Monday is going to be 50. I just hope the cold is here for Christmas.

I am so happy that I have absolutely nothing to do after I get off work today. I'm just going to rush home, have dinner and absolutely relax. I'm already thinking that tomorrow is my favorite day of the week, so that just makes things even better. Next week will be a full week of work but the week before Christmas will be great, as we're only working 3 days that week!!! Yippee!!!

I hope everyone has a great day and I hope we have a lot of friends show up to share the AIR with us!

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 37 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 67, and it will be a tough south wind that I pedal home against this afternoon.

Bruce, that gravel sounds like what Texas is paving so many roads with these days. For years, they've used gravel combined with some kind of sealer to pave many roads. We've always called it chipseal. But, the last few years, the gravel has really gotten big. We call it boulderseal now, and tires are so much louder rolling on it that everyone complains about it. Bicycles really ride rough on it, so I try to avoid it when riding.

Speaking of spellings and pronunciations here and there, Eric, do you use the British pronunciation of schedule (shed-youl). That always sounded strange to me.

Have a great day, all!

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Eric - Hope you Scots have caught the No-knead bread or Artisan Bread in 5-Minutes fad. It takes some time waiting, but so little effort and the results are excellent. Not your local bakery loaf, but great on it's own.

Scan today - results next week. Arrg.

Why is it when I am not allowed to eat in the am, I wake up starving, but most days I have to remind myself to eat before noon?

Group today - haven't been in many weeks between this and that. Looks like I will have lunch out between the two.

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Hey folks

Little bit chilly today with a temperature of -23C/-9F and a windchill of -33C/-27F. We had maybe 8-10 inches of snow yesterday and they were giving a heavy snowfall warning. Coming from the east coast where you can get a dumping of 2' in a day, not sure if this is a heavy snowfall.

You almost need a full body suit of armour when walking on the sidewalks Eric. Surprised that more people do not get hurt from flying gravel. Alot of places are using chipseal now Bud. Alot easier to repair than the old asphalt.

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Another chilly morning here in Richmond, VA as well. Like you TS I have to get an x-ray tomorrow and wait a week to find out. At least I don't have the hungries like you do til next time. But the week wait is horrible. I did see something that should cheer everyone up - in case they missed it - - there are pictures of Eric in a kilt - don't tell him I mentioned it here though.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Afternoon All! Lost my post so am starting over in Notepad. Been putting off coming here. CT-day is Monday and I want to avoid thinking about it. I'm usually doing a "freak out" post by now. Stephanie and Annette, I feel your pain. Also feel a little guilty hating that I have to wait an extra day this time for my results. Usually get them same or next day but they couldn't do it this time. CT Mon, results Wed. Boo hoo, poor me.

Eric, I'm not missing the fact that you can't get to work in the snow but can get to the market lol. Sounds like Scotland needs to take some lessons in snow removal if your weather keeps up like this all winter. You may need to learn to bake Stephanie's bread. Or just have her bake it for you and send it express mail. Didn't get to view your pics yet but a little birdie told me there was something to see!

Yes Bud, I love the shed youl. I'm drawing a blank on a contribution and just the other day stopped myself from using a primarily British word or phrase. I do that when I'm around people with a different dialect or accent--I tend to mimic it without even being aware.

Ann, a day without chores after work. Heaven as I recall. Hope that means no having to cook dinner either? Well I hope so for you anyway.

Bruce, we already had our chat about the coyotees, steer, buffalo and other farm creatures. Forgot to tell you though to watch out with the chickens. Stan's friend in Ohio lost all his. Turned out rats were killing them. Yuk!

On that note....lol. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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