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Max and Mia (Winter 2010)

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Max and I am 4 years old and this is my wee cousin Mia, Uncle Eric asked me if I could post some pics in, since he is hopeless in doing this himself. He said it was time we introduced ourselves,but since he suffers from dimensia, in not realising we've met before in the Glasgow Science Centre,and he is holding Mia in his Avatar. I have found some pics of him and my gran, at their night out at the Oran Mor, him in his kilt-he is a big show off, so dont encourage him, bye for now, Mia says bye also.

Max Clarke aged 4.









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Hi Judy,

Yes the expression Lady Killer is in common use here in the UK also.I would have loved to have been one myself,but you know women,they are so fickle arent they?

I was visiting Irene at home last week,Max was had been taken to his Tae Quan Do?? -Judo class by his grandfather Pat,on coming home he came into the living room,spotting me,rushed over to me full of excitement,put his arms around me and said "Eric,i love you",amazing isnt it,that a kid of 4,knows how to kill you stone dead.

Busy today,Roy Castle LC,sent me an email with about a dozen suggested questions,that will be used for my filmed interview on Tuesday,so I want to swot them up individually,to give a suitable response,not well enough to have them memorised,just enough that I dont blank.The focus is on early symptoms,level of support I received,my attitude and families attiude following my dx.I also have been given chores by Sally to do,eg wash the kitchen floor and clean out the bathroom,think Sally's confusing a film crew with some type of house inspectors?.Also hope to find time to-night to respond to todays air,my apologies if I dont make it.

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