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Friday's Air - Where Is Everyone?


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I cannot believe it is 9 a.m. and no one has started the best day of the weeks air. Already one hour closer to the 5 o'clock whistle. I hope someone else comes along soon - I usually just respond to others thoughts.

I hope that everyone has a warm weekend - we are supposed to be getting a little warmer but with rain - no thanks please.

I look forward to reading everyone's Friday thoughts.


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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 42 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 64. I rode to work all five days again this week.

The weekend forecast sounds exactly like last weekend, mild on Saturday morning, but a front blasting in to turn it chilly by Sunday. I'm thinking I'll do the same thing I did last weekend, go fishing on Saturday, then just stay home and annoy Rose on Sunday.

It's 6 1/2 hours until my weekend begins. Have a great day, all!

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Happy Friday.....my very favorite day of the week!!!

Annette, glad to see you opened up the window and got the "air" flowing through! Yes, there are usually people here by 9:00 am. I guess this means that some of our early birds got some well needed sleep, which is a very good thing.

Bud, we're just a day or so behind you on the cold front. It's supposed to be nice here tomorrow, mid-70's - and then we're supposed to get some well needed rain. The cold is following the rain and out high on Monday is supposed to be 52!!! That's insane for Florida! So, I guess these sweaters of mine that I rarely get to wear will be put to good use this winter.

After 2 weeks of fighting this cold, I finally broke down this morning and went to the doctor. My cold symptoms are practically gone but I have still been feeling a lot of pressure around my left ear. The doctor said the inner ear and tubes is really inflamed. So, I left with two prescriptions and lots of follow up appointments for various tests. You know, I compared my visit to the doctor with a dinner out. It seems he's always trying to up sell something, just as a good waiter tries to sell you dessert after a meal.

I'm planning on having the luxury of a nice, relaxing weekend. I do have a little shopping to do but that's something I consider fun. I'm going to do some baking and make a big pot of soup...maybe broccoli cheddar.

So....what do all of you have planned?

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Hi Annette, thanks for opening the Air. Someone has to do it because I do have many lapses and Bud can't be held responsible all the time lol. I'm hoping for an early end to your day and a warm and dry weekend.

I have a good excuse for being late. My husband is home lol. Really, I slept in until 8 am. We caught up over tea and then I worked out on my machine. Anne, I thought about what you said about us Floridians and the cold. I have been hurting so bad the last few days. I woke up aching all over my body. Took a couple of Tylenol and by 9:30 or 10:00 was able to work out. the sun is shining and the temps up. Made me wonder. I've always connected pain with "fronts" just not necessarily cold fronts, just storm fronts.

Bud, sounds like you'll make that 400 and some miles before the end of the year with no problem. Do you bundle up to go fishing when it's cold? And how does one fish all bundled up lol! You need to have Rose take a picture for us.

I'm taking a break before the real day starts later. We pick Dominick up from school. Take him by his house so he can run the dog. Feed him and then off to music lessons at the Mall. All late in the afternoon when Stan and I are usually in our recliners lol.

I'm off now. Don't know how long I'll be able to stay awake. I had to take a Benedryl after a large bumpy stingy patch of skin under my upper arm. Think it was some kind of bite. I felt the skin stinging there before the bumps and swelling appeared. Hope to goodness it doesn't make me sick. I'm just feeling better today than I have in days. Sigh.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

Sorry I couldnt open the mail this morning,something awful intervened,Anniesland College has re-opened,I know you are all so disapointed by my absence,but hey, Ive got to go back when called.What a change in the weather,its got so warm I could have gone to work in a T shirt and shorts.All the snow and ice is melting,you wouldnt believe how things can change in such a short space of time.

Judy MI,Oh you are a little rascal,with your feminine intuition,you really have the ability to see through me better than a CT scan,its so un-nerving that someone knows you better than I do myself,your little dig "getting to the market OK,but not able to get to your work" You are so close to the truth,but Ive got you this time,havent I?,Hah-you didnt catch the third line of my little ditty-did you?-Anniesland is Closed,Senior management, despite my appeals to the contrary decided themselves to close the College, Tues,Wed,and Thurs,so One up for Eric Tee-Hee.Go on talk your way out of that one.

Hi Ann,I think now with the thaw on,everything in Scotland will soon get back to normal.Gosh what have I planned for the weekend?Boy,well Saturday is Mens Breakfast at the ABC,so I am out at 8am,to help set up the table placings for everyone,then serve everyone with eggs,bacon,lorne sausage,tattie scones,black pudding and baked beans,gulp,one million calories per plate,then I help clear up,and put away the dishes.Got to pick up Jennifer at the opticians at 11.30am,she wants me to take her shopping to Tescos,also to help me choose Christmas prezzies for Sally.Sunday ABC,then to wee sister Irenes to shop for more prezzies for Max and Mia,boy hope I have time left to post in?.

Hi Bud,never thought about it before,but Sked-ule is more natural for me.

Hi Stephanie,Home made bread?sounds really complicated,to be quite honest,baked beans on toast is about my limit,gosh you have a point?how can I have toast with no bread?oh well time to open a can of Heinz Veggie soup,and dook some slices of bread in it,oh,oh.

Hi Annette,caught you,anyway,thats not really important,the real question is-What do Scots wear under the Kilt?.

Finally,you will be relieved to know that the Film guys are coming to my house on Tuesday at Noon,I have been provided with a list of questions they would like me to respond to,gosh there were so many,I really dont want to bore you,but basically its about educating people about the early signs of LC and how to cope with a LC dx.Hope to be on best form,I will follow my own lifelong mantra,the 5 Ps-Proper, Planning ,Prevents, Poor Performance,goodnight everyone,see you to-morrow-god willing.

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Good afternoon everyone,

Got a couple of inches of snow last night and getting 6 -12’ tomorrow. Ugghh now the real work begins…Right now it is 30 degrees and believe me that is warm compared to Bruce’s place.

Judy in KW. I am thinking about you everyday. I am praying for good results for you. I wish you would get your good results sooner. Hey I could even start the links on some days. A lot of times before work the “Air” if not up yet so I don’t get to post or say hi on Monday and Tuesday, if I do it is 8 or 9 at night. I will give it a shot one morning. You take it easy and try to sleep. This may be a good week for some sleeping aids. As far as me. I am already freaking out and my scan is not until March so you are doing well!!! I am glad you are feeling better today….I will have to come and visit you when I come to Florida. Haven’t been to the keys yet and always wanted to go.

Ann glad to hear you may have a warm up there in Florida. You are having very cold weather for Florida. I hope you hit the seventies tomorrow. I have relatives there and they are cold….Brrrrrr. I am glad you finally went to the Doctors I think in a couple of days you will be feeling much better…

Bud, after our 6-12” inches tomorrow we are having a cold front also Sunday and Monday will only have highs of 14F and 0 for lows. I am really impressed with you new bike. Have fun fishing, but don’t have fun driving Rose nuts. LOL

Eric is sure sounds like you are stuck with know where to go, well at least you get lots of time off before the holiday. I know the bakery is very important to everyone, same in Germany they got to have that fresh bread. I miss our bakeries in New York. We have none here only grocery stores. Well you could always drink wine and eat cheese and crackers for a couple of days…..lol I was just reading over yesterdays post (and yes I am behind). And what the heck is "oh I am such a thicky,three-quarter inch chukkies on the road?" I am happy to hear you will still do your interview on Tuesday, see they are not going to let you off easy…. Eric (I just read your today post) back at school, yes I already missed you :wink: Those darn school how dare them open. My hubby works at a University doing mechanics and maintenance so he will be plowing all the parking lots once the snow hits tomorrow. I can’t believe everything is melting and you could wear shorts, how crazy.

I know Judy in MI must be having fun in California.

Please excuse any typos….

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.


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Libby, thanks so much for the encouraging words. Do jump in and start the Air anytime. Starter is not set, whoever get up first wins lol.

Love to meet you sometime so give a call when you are in FL. Hope Eric answers with the translation of that sentence. When I read it I said, whaaatttt?

Sorry about all the snow. Hope you can snuggle up with a book or movie or whatever entertains you INDOORS.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi All, checking in very late. It's 11:30 here, which is 2:30 AM at home. Had a big day today with wine tasting. Dang that is horrible here. LOL. Had some fabulous food, and wonderful sights North of San Francisco. Went to the rehearsal dinner tonight. Tomorrow is the wedding somewhere in the hills North of San Fran. It sure is beautiful here.

As I think about Christmas, and my family coming to my home, I realize I have so much to do when I get home. Yikes! But it's okay. Just will have to put it in gear once we land home.

I'm tired, and ready for bed, so won't respond to each post, but know you all are in my heart and mind, and I love you and miss you.

Take care.

I'll most likely post when I get back Tuesday. LATE. I miss my kids (dogs and cats). I hope my kitties forgive me for leaving them alone at the house with a giant bowl of kittie food and a giant bowl of water and clean kittie litters.

Oh gosh...I know they will pout for a few days before they decide they still love me. LOL

Judy In Santa Rosa, CA

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