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We've talked about them alot here in this forum-- dreams and dreaming of those we have lost to Lung Cancer.

It took three years after my dad died for me to finally have a dream about him...and even then he had his arm around me asking me what happened to my mom ! and I spent the whole dream telling dad about how mom died and how awful my half-siblings had been to me while she was in the hospital those 8 days ! LOL.... I was tattle tailing! :wink:

Since then I've had only a handful of dreams about my mom and dad and they always bring me comfort...then a little feeling of loss all over again.

We'll it's been about 7 weeks since we lost Connie.

She and I used to talk about our dreams- about our parents and loved ones, etc... talk about the irony now...

SO many things have happened in my life that I normally would have called her about....I always call RIck, then Connie...and if it was about Rick...I'd call Connie! HA! I've wanted so badly to talk to her about so many things these past couple of months.....

It's only been 7 weeks...and last night I had a dream about her!

A "real" dream...not a memory or re-living an experience....it was just her, and just me, and we were talking...and she knew she had died...and she was telling me she knew I'd be ok.....

I feel like I was given a little blessing from her last night.....

I hope I dream about her again.

Thanks for letting me share.

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Katie, your losses have been many. I'm so glad you had your Connie dream and hope you have many more. I also hope you eventual make a new friend that comes anywhere near close to who Connie was to you. Stay open to it. I'm sure it will happen.

Judy in KW

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I know this is a hard time for you and I am so glad that your

dreams are bringing you comfort.

I have only had one dream about Thom in the past 16 months and I woke up so upset that I hope I can just keep

him in my heart and memories and out of my dreams.

Before I had the dream about him, I actually wanted to dream about him but, the dream I did have left me mourning his loss

all over again when I woke up and the loss was just too painful to go through again even in a dream. :(

Life goes on and sometimes all we have left are dreams and memories.

Happy Holidays my friend,


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Katie, I am so glad that you were able to "visit" with Connie. It's so comforting when we have dreams about our loved ones. I have been blessed with many "visits" from Dennis over the past 8 years. Now, it seems that he always comes to me when I am having a really hard time coping with major issues in my life. It's almost as if he's trying to help me through the really rough times.

There was one "visit" that really stands out. This happened about two years after he had been gone. I was having major conflicts about employment and I was really feeling scared and alone. I had always had him to count on and was realizing I had to go life alone. I was in a tall building and I couldn't seem to find my way out. I picked up a phone and called him. Dennis explained to me, in a firm but loving way, that he couldn't leave where he was and come to rescue me. He gave me some options, such as calling his best friend, to come and help me. The next day, I made that call and talked through my problems with Mark. Funny....things worked out just fine. I just needed someone to listen.

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