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Saturdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its just gone 7am,just dropped in briefly,got tables to set up at ABC,for the mens breakfast,dont want to be late and have them all talking about me being a skiver.Well the Gulf Stream continues to work in Scotland,the winds from the South West are melting all the snow and ice,thank goodness.

Oh, points of clarification required-JudyKW,goodness knows why I ascribed your barbed comment to JudyMI regarding a certain lack of enthusiasm on my behalf in getting to work,I am sorry JudyMI,we all know who the guilty party was, dont we?.JudyKW,I cannot really complain,your intuition is not misplaced,but I still got you,didnt I?

"I am such a thicky",those of you who know me,should have clicked with this expression.In Scotland,one who is a bit dim,one can short of a six pack or even dense is commonly described here as being Thick,it was in reference to Bruces use of fractions in his post,I said where did he find three quarters on his keyboard?

Chuckkies?good grief and heavens to Betsy,dont tell me you dont know what chukkies are,talk about thick?it is a good old Scots word for pebbles of the larger variety.Again in reference to Bruces remark about them being used on frozen Canadian roads.

Got to dash everyone,tables await,will try to return to-night.Have a really brill day everyone.Bye.

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Morning All! What a night. Dominick was up burning the midnight oil with his friends on my computer. I kept waking up waiting for him to come to bed and he never did. He was folded up on a little couch. I didn't get much sleep but he's worth it.

Eric, you did get me. But lovely person I am, I went and googled the fraction thing. I use the dummy "/" method but it never really suits me aesthetically lol. When I saw how to do it the proper way though, maybe a bit too slow: •Alt + 0188 = For the fraction ¼; •Alt + 0189 = For the fraction ½; and •Alt + 0190 = For the fraction ¾. What do you think? Can our old brains even remember that? Oh sorry, most of you on the Air are younger than I lol.

Will be a busy day. We'll pick Dominick up after he does karate demo practice. Then who knows what.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

PS Judy in MI, I agree CA is beautiful country. Enjoy. At least you have your trees done.

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Well we are having a little snow storm/Blizard here in Mnnesota today and it is 19 degrees out but feels colder with the wind chill ( it is windy).

Tomorrow morning the snow will be finished and they say the actual temperature will be -14 , we do not want to even think of the wind chill. We should be able then to get out and finish cleaning up the snow , they predict 16 inches but up to 20 possible with snow drifts much deeper.

Glad I do not have to go to work this weekend!

Donna G

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Good afternoon all,

Some of the snow is here now but still on its way from Minnesota. Donna I did see on the news that is real bad in MN. Eric thanks for the explanation. I do understand the thicky word also. Gosh I am learning something new everyday. Enjoy your weekend. I just heard a snow-plough go by (note the spelling). Lol

Judy in KW I can’t even remember what you were telling Eric to do to type fractions and I could be the youngest. LOL.. I use the easy way number/number. Have fun with Dominick today.

Not much on the agenda for today went shopping earlier waiting for all this snow we are suppose to get...lol.. I will be outside tomorrow with the snow blower I am sure...Can hardly wait (not)...... Tomorrow my daughter sings at the nursing home and assisted living I hope they still perform. They are all doing solos and then singing as a group. I sure hope it does not get cancelled those folks really look forward to this...


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Oh my ladies, all that snow. No I do not miss it and I guess it's easier if you love it like Judy in MI does. Maybe she doesn't have to clear it lol. I remember distinctly when my son left for the Coast Guard and with my husband away much of the time, I had to have the sidewalk in front of my house shoveled by 10 am. City rule. 20 inches is a lot of snow to clear Donna. Do you have a little snow plow or blower? You may not have to leave your yard to go to work, but it sounds like work right there where you are. Libby it's no fun being out in the cold, but blowing snow sounds better than shoveling it lol. I hope your daughter and group do get to sing. I'll bet they get as much joy from doing it as the elders do hearing them. Crossing my fingers.

Judy in KW

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Hey all. It's 10:48 here in California, which is 1:48am at home. But I'm on CA time, and full of wedding food, and can't sleep. Need to let that food digest a bit.

Now all this talk of snow.....it's kind of freaking me out. I don't mind it when I'm home, but hate the thought of being stranded in an airport, which is highly likely if the storm goes as they say on Monday. We fly out of San Fran at noon Monday, and we have a stop over in Cincinnatti, and then back home. But possibility of being stranded in an airport is not one I desire. So tomorrow and Monday we'll be tracking this storm carefully. Would much rather spend the night in San Francisco, rather than in an airport in Cinci!

Now....KW Judy, I do have my snow cleared. But only because we live on a private road. The guy we (all of us on the road) pay to clear the road, does do our long driveway for free because we were the ones that hired him initially 7 years ago. It's a nice perk. But we have a private road that is a mile long, and he has cleared that every year for us for a great price and throws in our driveway for free!

That does not mean we do not have to do our side walks to the house, or the path to the lower garage, or lower yard. That he and I do. We keep those clear for deliveries, or for our friends that come over to ice fish.

Libby, I am hoping that snow hit you today so it's on it's way over the big lake and goes away by the time we fly home. I always look for your posts to give me an idea of what I'm getting a day later. Thank you my friend.

With that, I'm going to try to sleep. Tomorrow we leave the mountains North of San Fran, and head back to the big city and stay at a hotel by the airport. Hoping big time we can get back home on Monday. I left clean kitty litters, and a giant bowl of food and water for my kitties, but I'm worried about them. And I miss my baby doggies. I want to be home.

Judy in San Fran, and hoping to be in MI on Monday

P.S. where are the guys?

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