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Sunday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! It's 33 degrees here with a howling north wind this morning. Forecast high is 51. At least there's no snow.

I brought home some nice crappie yesterday. I had a tough time catching bait fish with the cast net, though. It's my first year using one, and I'm finding that it's pretty easy when the bait fish are shallow. But they're getting deeper now, and it's taking a lot of throws for me to come up with anything. And with that many casts, I end up wetter than I'd like. I'm thinking that while it's cold, I'm going to get lazy and go back to buying minnows......LOL.

Not much happening here today. I'm headed to wally world for some early shopping, then just going to tackle a few things around the house, and zombie out in front of the TV.

Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! It got warm enough yesterday that I wore my Birkenstocks for the first time in awhile. Looks like another warm day today then it starts to dip as I head north tomorrow.

Bud, I do think staying dry in those cold temps is a good idea. They say you don't catch cold that way but I wouldn't risk it. Sounds like a good day you have planned. Looks like I'll have to go shopping yet again! I really am tired of it but need gift bags for Dave & Kym gifts before we head up there tomorrow. They are taking care of the kids gifts for us. Then we have a busy evening tonight stowing so we can get an early start in the am. My scan is tomorrow afternoon.

Donna and Libby, I hope your snow clearing goes quickly and easily--ha ha huh! At least treat yourselves to your favorite toddy when you are done.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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The good news is the snow here is over.

We got a record setting storm, the 5th worse storm is history. got 17.5 inches officially at the airport.

The city still has not plowed our street!

The news says that the roof of the Dome where the Vikings play football has collapsed under the weight of the snow. New York never got here from Kansas yesterday anyhow because the airport here was closed.

More good news it is 1 degree out and will warm up to 3 degrees, we still will not discuss the windchill

Donna G

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Good morning everyone

Well it has warmed up today to -21C/-6F. Time to cut that 12' Christmas tree that I have been keeping an eye on.

I've been watching the news showing the storms in the mid west. Donna sounds like you really got hit. More snowblowing for you Libby. Hope that MI Judy gets home on time as planned. After Eric's snow stories earlier and now all these, I'm kinda happy to be living in the north where we don't get much snow because it is too cold. LOL

Will be waiting to hear those good results from your scan Judy.

Bud reading your story on cast nets brought back alot of memories. All growing up we used them every summer to catch a small fish called caplin. They are maybe 10 - 12 inches long and "roll" on the beach to spawn and are very popular in the North Atlantic. They can be eaten or used as bait. Not sure if your net is the same but our's used small lead balls on the outside perimeter to weigh the net down. A popular way to use the net was with both hands and one of these lead balls in your mouth. Well our biggest concern was forgetting to open your mouth and losing a couple teeth when you threw the net. LOL We didn't know about the hazards of lead at that time.

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Hi all,

Finally in for the evening. What a job. Foot of snow with 2-3 foot drifts. I have literally been outside since 10am. Snow blower broke half way done with driveway, neighbor came by and finished driveway (hugs), thank god. Hubby just got home from plowing at the University. He is tired left at 4 a.m. came home 4 p.m. and is going back at 4 am again.

Donna I did hear about the collapse of the dome. I can't believe it.

Judy in KW yes I am having a Kahlu and cream right now as I type. I feel I earned it today. I have a huge headache and just about coughed up a lung today outside. I had to drive to the other side of town to pick up my daughter, she slept at a friends, I nearly had a nervous breakdown, I felt like running a few of these idiots off the road…lol.. My fingers and toes are crossed that your scan results will be good. I am glad it did warm up for you. To bad you are heading for cooler weather tomorrow.

Bud I vote on being dry/warm and buying the minnows. Lol..

Bruce I would still rather it warmer with snow then colder….lol. I would really rather it 70 year round…

Have a good Evening.


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Hi everyone,

it's 9:30 here and 12:30AM at home. Hubby could not adjust to California time so for the last two nights he was out by 9:00. Here I sit wide awake at 9:30 and will not enjoy tomorrow's hopeful return to EST. What I will enjoy is getting home to my own bed, home, pets, and everything else.

So Donna and Libby, from what I've heard, we not getting hammered as bad as you two did. I have the weather channel on right now listening to the forecast. We are under a Winter Storm Warning still, and they expect that to last until 7:00AM. That is good news. If that is true, by the time we land at night, they should have gotten runways cleared, and roads fairly plowed.

Bruce I know what you mean about temps. We love January when it dips into the single digits and teens, as it can't snow when it's that cold.

At the hotel tonight a guy walked by telling us the Detroit Dome collapsed, and I simply corrected him as to where it really was. I can't believe that Donna!

We drove into downtown San Fran today to do the touristy Pier 39. The streets were filled with entertainers playing music, painting, dancing, and more! What a delight it was. We walked among the many stores, and went out on the pier to see the Sea Lions, and Pelicans. Saw boats cruising in the ocean. Was so much fun! It was quite cold, but a lot of fun!

A sad thing happened today. The Father of the Groom, my brother-in-law, was told by his wife (not the groom's Mom) that she wanted a divorce. What a cruel thing to do. They traveled all the way from Texas for the wedding, and she faked it like everything was okay, and then the morning after the wedding, asked for a divorce.

I don't know what is behind all of that, but think no matter what, she could have found a better time to bring this up.

Anyway, tomorrow is the big travel day. Keep us in your prayers if you do that kind of thing. Just want safe travels, no delays, and hopefully no plane rocking back and forth and up and down in the big winds they predicted!

See you around the corner!

Judy In San Fran, soon to be MI

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