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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 22 degrees as I rode to work this morning. That's getting pretty close to the limit of how cold it can get and me still ride the 12 miles to work. Forecast high is 56.

At least the ground is still dry here, and they're calling for a slow warmup. That sounds like some kind of serious storm you had, Donna. I hope MI Judy gets home ok today. It sounds like lots of Michigan airports are still closed.

Yes, Bruce, it's the same style cast net that I use. I have also seen guys hold one edge of the net in their teeth as they throw it. I don't think I'll be trying that technique any time soon.

It's really fun, using a cast net to catch bait fish, though, and becomes another enjoyable part of a fishing trip. Shad are the main bait fish here, and most of the year, you can find them pretty shallow. But, like most other fish, they head toward the deeper water in the winter.

KW Judy, good luck on your scans this afternoon! Have a great day, all!

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It was snowing as I rode to work today - although warmer here in Richmond than in Texas. It was borderline freezing the television news was saying how worried they were because the temperature was so borderline. Of course that means everyone believed them and there were wrecks galore. When I left at 7:15 they had not closed the City/County schools here but all around us they were at least delaying the opening.

Judy my thoughts are with you today - and I will volunteer to do your worrying for you - cause that's what I do worry - so there is truly no need for both of us to be all 'tightened' up .....

This is the first day of a long week for me since I had my x-ray on Friday and will have to wait til Friday - - so anyone that is waiting for results as I told Judy above - you don't have to worry - I'll be more than happy to take that on for you.

Our corporate office is in St. Paul MN - believe it or not - is open. I would be scared to death to drive in that. At least our roads were only ice - I mean wet not white... hmm - I may not have meant that.

Just walked up to the front of the office and is still snowing a tiny bit - my car is not blue it is white. Pretty to look at - not so pretty to get off in the evening to go home.

I hope everyone that can be home is safely snuggled up and warm - and those of us that are worker bees - may the work day pass quickly.


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I know....I'm not allowed to complain about Florida's temperature since it's so much warmer than most of you but......IT'S COLD!!! Our high today is supposed to be 48 and that's just too cold for Florida. The wind is howling here and even with the heat on, there's a chill in the air. We're supposed to hit the 20's tonight, so I've already covered up some of my plants and I've taken extra blankets out of my space bag in the attic. Just to think....it's not even winter yet!!!

Bud...you stay warm! I know you want to accumulate those miles but that's really a cold ride.

Annette...it's very nice of you to worry for everyone. So, I'll pay it forward and worry for you until Friday!!! I'm sure your results are going to be fine but my boys always tell me I have to have something to worry about!!!

KW Judy... Since Annette is worrying for you, I'll just send good vibes in your direction. I know how you hate this cold weather, so I know you're all bundled up. What a terrible day to be out in this cold!

Hope everyone has a nice day and stays all bundled up!!!


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Hi Everyone! Well it's now Tuesday. Maybe I should have opened that Air. I arrived home at 12:44AM. It was a grueling day of travel, with cancelled flights. The situation at home was not that bad, but it was the cascade effect of cancelled flights around the USA that all accumulated with people trying to hitch rides any way they can, that just boggled the system up big.

WE arrived home to 14 degrees, which is actually nice since the snow does not come down when its that cold. I had a great multi layer coat with scarves, and hats and was ready for the onslaught of cold! Every single picture of me in SanFran is the same because I wore my coat every single day. LOL. It was mid 50's, windy, and damp. So a coat and scarf was necessary every day, and you don't pack a lot of coats when flying.

My puppies were frantic to see us, so it took a couple of hours to get them to settle down after we got home. Randy has many appointments tomorrow, so I stayed up with the hyper pups. I pushed all my appointments to the afternoon, so I can sleep the morning away.

I'm so glad to be home. I don't enjoy a lot of travel. Usually good for about 5 days a year, and this was a bit much. The last time we traveled was when I was in the midst of my chemo. We went on an extended trip to Alaska, working with the Oncologist to schedule chemo appointments around the travel.

Back then we did this because we weren't sure I'd survive the treatments, and Randy wanted me to enjoy one LAST travel trip. Well, thank God, I survived, and we can enjoy many other trips.

So I'm exhausted, and ready for sleep. Thankful to be home. Kitty cats are mad at me for leaving them, but they had clean litter, lots of food and water and seem no worse for the wear, so they just need to forgive us for the abandonment, and get on with life.

OK, too tired to write much more. I'll check in later.

Love U

Judy happy to be back in MI

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