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Wedding Band


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Okay, my post about happy holidays has me going this morning. I actually had someone ask me last week, "When are you going to stop wearing your wedding band?" My response was probably not the kindest, "When I damn well please." :evil:

Can you believe someone had the nerve to say that? My husband has only been gone for 7 weeks but frankly if I want to wear it 7 years from now I will!

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It is amazing how thoughtless people can be. Even though I cannot begin to understand what you are going through it tears at my heart to think of someone being so downright mean to another person much less someone who so recently lost a piece of their soul. Just know that now you will never be the one to be so careless - and realize that though you understand what you are going through it is obvious they do not. I hope you find comfort in the simple loving things that remind you of the good times as time goes by. Force yourself to smile and think a good thought and some day it may not have to be forced.

Know that my thoughts are with you and I am sending a gentle virtual hug your way.


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My husband passed away the day before our 30th wedding anniversary.

He has been gone 16 months and I am still wearing my wedding band. No excuses, no reason needed.

As long as I feel married to Thom, I will continue to wear my ring. I may NEVER take it off.

It is what makes you feel right. Not anyone else. How rude that someone would even ask.

Sending you hugs and understanding.


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People can be so damned insensitive!!! Why in the world would someone be that inconsiderate of your feelings. And yes, I agree...when you damn well please if the correct answer. When I remarried, I took off the wedding rings that Dennis had placed on my finger. But....I still have them and keep them in a place where I can look at them often. I hope to pass my rings on to my grandaughter someday and share a long story with her about true love and how it really never dies!

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